Biteable Beauty’s Beauty Angel ELT Treatment at Cucumba Salon, Soho

A couple of months ago I went for a new and unusual treatment at Cucumba Salon in Soho. Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology therapy is a new type of treatment especially designed to target the first signs of ageing, without lasers, UV, injections or surgery. A safe, non-invasive method designed to boost the production of collagen in your skin naturally and this help reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots, as well as give the skin a beautifully natural, radiant glow.

Cucumba salon itself is small but perfectly formed. Upstairs it appears just like any normal salon with products on sale, till counter and a couple of mani pedi stations, but journey downstairs and this is where someone had a stroke of genius. The space is open plan but has almost tent-like dividers that can act as temporary walls. I didn’t get to see these in action really as there was just one other client who came in for a spray tan whilst I was being energised, but I’m guessing they’ve made it this way because space is limited and when they’re not so busy clients can be indulged in a roomier treatment area – or if you go for a massage with your friend you can be massaged in the same space.

Beauty Angel UK Energising Light Technology Treatment - Before Pic

Before Treatment

The treatment itself is very relaxing, just like being on a sunbed only without the UV (or the tanning!) but with the goggles! I fell into a light sleep during the just short of half an hour session, a sure sign of relaxation if ever there was one! Post treatment, I did have a glow about me and my skin tone was definitely more even after just one session. I’d just come back from holiday so I had a lovely tan and was a picture of health after the treatment, if a little bit plastic-y from the Dermalogica products used. That is my only complaint about the treatment, I’m sorry but Dermalogica products just aren’t all that! And as this is an holistic treatment wouldn’t it be better to use holistic products, I’m sure Spa Fabulous would go down a treat!

Beauty Angel UK Energising Light Technology Treatment - After Treatment

After Treatment

How Beauty Angel’s Energising Light Technology Therapy Works

Instead of using UV rays, Beauty Angel’s ELT uses a broad active light spectrum of 570 – 850 nanometres which induces rejuvenation in the skin – when several spectral ranges are applied to the skin the power is more effective. The treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, and as these are the building support structures within our skin they help to smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment also speeds up cell regeneration by up to twice as fast as normal, improves metabolic processes, energises, balances water and increases the supply of oxygen by improving the blood circulation to the skin. No wonder I was looking so radiant and refreshed as I left the salon! There are near-infrared rays in the spectrum and anyone who has used an infrared lamp will know of the reparative properties of these rays – well it is these rays in the spectrum that encourage regeneration and repair.

My treatment targeted my face, neck, decolletage and hands, but you can use all over to activate and stimulate cells and connective tissue. Who knows, perhaps we’ll see this being used by sports physios in the future as a preventative measure rather than a cure! Optimum results are supposedly achieved with three sessions per week over a 5-10 week period dependent upon the age and condition of the skin. The therapist who treated me was part of a case study which I would love to read and see the before/during/after photos of. She was pleased with the improvement of her skin thus far and they were not near the end of the sessions.

So, what can people expect short term and long term from a course of Beauty Angel’s ELT Therapy? Well, short-term – soft, supple skin, increased hydration, a more glowing complexion, increased resistance, refined pores and a relaxed, feel-good sensation can be expected to be achieved. Long term – a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, fading of age and pigment spots, reduction of swelling around the eyes, firmer skin and improved hair and nail growth.