I love a good, high-quality natural beauty oil, for the body, hair or even better a multi-tasking all-over kinda oil! There’s something for everyone in this roundup; hair lovers, body buffs and the value multi-tasker. Here’s my top 5  I’ve been using of late.

Beauty Oil #1 Spiezia Softening Natural Body Oil

I love this body oil from Spiezia, which I first learnt of when judging in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015. It was the first product for me to finish, it’s a gorgeous product. The scent is a beautiful combination of rose geranium, lavender and green mandarin (you know, that floral and citrus thing), along with loads of skin-loving oils such as sesame seed (a good base), jojoba seed (hydrating), sweet almond (vitamin E rich and nourishing), apricot kernel (brightening) and wheat germ (another vitamin E loaded ingredient). Turns out, not only does green mandarin lend its citrusy scent to the oil, but it also helps increase skin’s elasticity!

For best results, I found applying the product to ever so slightly damp skin worked best for me. The usual really!


Beauty Oil #2 Green Energy Organics Le Rituel Extra Doux Hair Oil for Frizzy & Curly Hair – read more here.

I wrote about this oil first back in May, in my Green Energy Organics at Home Hair Ritual, and although I’ve been using this treatment once a week (more when on holiday as I use every day to help protect hair!) it’s still going strong. I’d say there’s about a third left, and I am not stingy when applying either!


Beauty Oil #3 Spiezia Head & Hair Natural Beauty Oil

I’ve been using this oil about once a week to give myself a head massage at the end of long, stressful days! I’ve actually produced a video for Lucy Rose about how to give yourself a head massage, which I will share once it’s up on YouTube. The oil has a clarifying aroma of eucalyptus and leaves hair feeling nice and soft. As I say in my video, when using a completely natural/organic oil in your scalp or hair, it’s always important to use a clarifying, balancing or oil-control shampoo to ensure all the remains are washed away.


Beauty Oil #4 Jennifer Young Defiant Beauty Body Glow Natural Beauty Oil

This was another gift from Jennifer Young, a thank you for helping her out at CAM Expo I believe. It was actually the Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Oil in disguise, as a different source of an ingredient turned the formula a much deeper tone. This is another body oil I loved the fragrance of – a lovely blend of sandalwood and neroli, beautiful!

Beauty Oil #5 Humankind All-In-One Natural Beauty Oil

This lightweight and a perfect multi-tasker for using on hair, skin and even your nails. I wasn’t 100% convinced about the colour scheme for the packaging, I think the pattern looks much fresher in the bright blues, greens and pinks that the rest of the collection is packaged in. This colourway looks really drab compared to the rest of them!

The oil combines sunflower seed, jojoba seed, wheat germ, soya and vitamin E. In the ingredients, “natural fragrance” is listed, and this is an area that the product could improve in, in my opinion. For me, it doesn’t have the scent of a luxury, indulging treat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good oil but a little bit “no-frills” in my opinion.