During the last London Fashion Week I was invited along to the ME Hotel to meet award-winning hairdresser Max Centini for a 20 minute hair styling refresh and re-do. I’d met Max previously with Jennifer Young, at a charitable event in his West London salon.

The purpose of the hair refresh and re-do was to unveil Centini’s latest invention: Mr Bubble. At first glance, the device looks like some kind of bizarre sex toy, but knowing this was a hair event I figured it was a hair wand!

Mr Bubble is named as such because there are spheres, or bubbles, along the length of the wand delivering an asymmetric finish. The asymmetric plate and patent bi-cube design can be utilised to deliver textured curls or flat waves. The plates are ceramic and injected with the mineral tourmaline to help minimise damage and promote a shiny finish.

Mr Bubble has advanced “quick heat” technology to help deliver speedy results, and also features a heat-resistant tip for safety and control.

Mr Bubble is available in three sizes: Little Bubble, perfect as a travel styler and shorter hair; Mr Bubble medium for refined curls and texture; Mr Bubble large for soft waves and loose curls. Mr Bubble large was the tool for my hair, and I was amazed by how quickly my hair was finished, plus how fabulous it looked!

The team also very kindly gave me a Little Bubble to take home, however I didn’t get anywhere with this on my hair – it’s way too small for the length of my hair (it seems size DOES matter, at least when it comes to Mr Bubble!) so I have passed on to the shortest-haired member of our team, Eline. Her review is coming very soon!