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Adriana Carlucci, the founder of Ancienne Ambiance, is one of those folk who I felt like I’d met even though I hadn’t until very recently. I think it must be down to our regular engagements on Twitter and via email, and my affinity with her products. When she invited me down to her (relatively) newly opened boutique on Chelsea Green, I was delighted to have the chance to meet this cyber buddy in the flesh, and to experience the full Ancienne Ambiance collection. Whilst shopping online for this range is an option, to take in the wonderful fragrances inspired by ancient times is by far a more superior way to choose the right scent to create your desired ambience!

The inspiration for Ancienne Ambiance came from Adriana’s family business, whom for centuries have sourced and sold antiques and artefacts from ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Byzantine and Medieval eras. After graduating with honours from the London College of Fashion, Adriana decided to put her Product Development degree to use and created a range of six scented candles. “My least favourite of the scents went on to become the best seller”, Adriana commented at our meet, “so I always like to get a range of opinions and feedback”. Adriana also shared with me some exciting news for Ancienne Ambiance fans – there are three fragrances launching very soon! Adriana has a hunch that her least favourite scent will also go on to be the bestseller, and guess what – that one was my favourite!

I’m a little annoyed with myself as I completely forgot to take a photo of the stunning window display, and the outside of the shop. But I did snap a lot inside the shop to give you a good feel of the space and the products on display, in case you are unfamiliar with the full offering.

My journey through the brand began with the soaps.

The Goddess Soap Collection contains six different scented soaps –  Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Almond Milk, Honey and Argan Oil. It’s difficult to pick a favourite, but I love the Goddess Argan Oil Soap as well as the Jasmine and Almond (see what I mean!) So, if like me you’re a little indecisive about fragrances and the like, plump for the mixed collection as a good starting point and you can work out your favourites from there (did I mention I also like the Honey, Lavender and Rose?!)

All the soaps come individually wrapped and have their own purple sleeves, the scents are also long-lasting (not like some soaps where the essential oils all evaporate after exposure to the air.

The boutique is decorated with artefacts from Adriana’s family business, here is a pot being used as a soap dish.

And here’s an Egyptian tablet, whose colour scheme goes oh-so-well with my Billy Bag!

The next product I tried on my journey was the Goddess Oil, which won our Biteable Best of Beauty Best Body Oil award in 2014. For those curious about our awards and what’s happened to them this year, well they ARE coming! We’ve been rather busy of late with other projects and we’re just finalising our new awards logo!

2015-biteable-beauty-ancienne-ambience-boutique-visit (2)

It is rather fabulous to see your awards logos used in store. I’ve seen them used online, and at shows on banners and things, but to see it stuck on a product on a shop’s shelves is incredibly satisfying! This set below would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life.

It’s not just my awards that Ancienne Ambiance has been accoladed with – Beauty Shortlist Awards gave the Reed Diffusers winning status.

Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Argan Oil Spray

When it comes to home fragrance, the collection offer a fabulous selection. I find myself in a similar situation as with the soaps here – I just can’t decide on my favourite! They are all so delicious. I started writing my favourites from the existing range and realised I would type all of them, so understandably omitted this! There are two new fragrances in the collection – Alteeneh Fig and Imperium Laurel – both of which are really fresh and definite additions to my favourites lists!

In addition to these signature candles, there are also some pillar candles in traditional scents of Rose, Vanilla and Lavender, as well as some unscented candles for decorative use.

The Bath Salts are also super, read my review of them here. My favourites are Amandula and Jasmine, but the Orange, Lavender, Rose and Rose & Jasmine are all lovely too.

Fans of the Goddess Argan Oil have to try the Goddess Argan Hand & Body Wash. There is something so hypnotic about the scent. Both Mr BB and I are totally hooked on the oil!

The Hydrolats, or Floral Waters depending on how you want to call them, are beautifully presented in store. I love how the coloured inserts behind the bottles just lifts the products and brightens up the shelves. The glass bottles the Rose Water is presented in are also absolutely stunning. An excellent addition to any dressing table!

Last but by no means least in my product shots – the new Signature Body Creme. Gorgeously fragranced with Neroli and formulated with skin-loving ingredients of Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Review of this and the new Signature Luxury Body Scrub coming soon!

Finally, I loved the montage of press coverage hung by the door to the boutique. It’s great to see Biteable Beauty listed amongst the likes of Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire and You Magazine, as it is the beauty pages of these mags I wish to emulate, albeit in a green, natural and organic kind of way!

A huge thank you to Adriana for being fabulous company, for running a fabulous company that produces fabulous products! Have you tried any of the Ancienne Ambiance collection? What are your favourite products?