We all change our skincare regime through the years to suit our needs, and also to suit any changes brought upon our environment, but what about our hair? Some use the same hair care year on year, others will buy whatever is on offer. But experts are now saying maybe we should also be thinking to adapt our hair regimen to suit our age and environment.

With this in mind, Andrew Barton has created Vita-Revive; an age-defying collection of hair tools designed to create smooth hair, with enhanced shine and a younger look. The range is available exclusively at Argos.

I’m passionate about helping women look and feel their best. Over time hair begins to subtly change appearing less vibrant and styling becomes more challenging. Without compromising on performance, my Vita-Revive collection has been designed for gentler, effective styling of ageing hair. Super-ionic technology and magnesium oil infused ceramics ensure ultra-smooth, shine-enhancing, younger-looking results. These empowering tools redefine styling and deliver glamorous hair full of lustre and vitality.” Andrew Barton

The Science behind Vita-Revive Hair Range by Andrew Barton

Vita-Revive features super-ionic technology, which releases a stream of ions to surround and condition each strand of hair, smoothing the outer layer of the cuticle to leave hair beautifully smooth and shiny. My Corioliss straighteners (bought years ago I hasten to add and still going strong!) also have this ionic technology if I remember correctly, but what Andrew has done is created a range of hair styling tools:

Andrew Barton Age-Defying 300W-500W Air Brush (£30)


Designed with super-ionic technology to minimise static and frizz, this Air Brush is essential for every woman who wants thicker-looking, lustrous locks. For added volume and shape there is a choice of 25mm and 38mm brush heads, both utilising mixed, soft bristles and silicone to smooth cuticles and leave hair incredibly sleek. This smoothing effect enhances the appearance of shine, and the Air Brush builds in volume, greatly benefiting maturing hair which is often thinner and lacking in density.

Andrew says, “The 25mm brush is perfect for shorter hair, fringes and for creating enhanced root lift, and the 38mm is ideal for smoothing, shaping and adding volume to bobs and longer length hair.

I gave this to my Mum, as Andrew very kindly offered me this as long as I gave it to my mother! I am yet to try it, and so was she last time I went home, but next time I visit I am going to have a go at smoothing and adding volume to my hair!

Andrew Barton Age-Defying 1200W – 2000W Dryer (£35)


Created for more gentle effective styling of ageing hair without compromising drying performance, this Dryer uses super-ionic technology to enhance the appearance of condition and vitality. The 3 heat/2 speed settings plus cool shot allow you to tailor the airflow to care for weaker or thinning hair.

Andrew says, “I recommend trying the lowest speed and heat settings to start with and build up to find your comfort level. Even at the lower settings, this dryer will deliver a highly effective blow dry and achieve beautiful results. Only use a higher heat/speed combination to initially dry hair, then step down to a cooler heat and lower speed to finish drying and for styling. A gentler drying regime will care for delicate hair and will help make drying more comfortable. Finish with the cool shot button to ensure your style lasts for longer.

I have been after a new hairdryer for a while now, but as I don’t use a hairdryer all that often I saw it as an unnecessary expense. Having tried this hairdryer, I must say without a doubt this is heaps better than my old hairdryer (Babyliss: model unknown but it has an attachment for creating wavy curls; not a diffuser but a cylindrical chamber!) After just one use of Andrew’s hairdryer I am impressed with the smoothness of my blowdry and the shine I can see on my hair, which is enhanced by the smoothness. My hair looks great, and I start thinking even though it’s a timely exercise I should dry my hair more often rather than scrunching with sea salt spray or just leaving to dry naturally!

Andrew Barton Age-Defying 105°C – 205°C Tong (£25)


This super-ionic 105°C – 205°C Tong has a 19mm ceramic barrel to create sleek defined curls and build body and movement for fuller looking hair. Super-ionic technology minimises frizz and a magnesium oil infused ceramic barrel glides smoothly through the hair without snagging. Hair is left looking fuller and more luxuriant. Ideal for long or short hair.

Andrew says, “When hair matures it becomes a lot more fragile and likely to break. My Vita-Revive Age-Defying Tong is designed with a range of 11 temperature settings to care for the most delicate hair as well as the most challenging.

I didn’t try this product as my hair is too long and I have too much to tong all over. The only time I would tong my hair is when I’m going to an event and I would just tong a few sections to add body. On the evening of the event, a model had styled her hair by herself utilising the tongs to brilliant effect, and she commented how easy they were to use. Her hair looked as though it had been professionally styled!

Whilst on the subject of hair styling, I must ask: has anyone tried the Dyson Hairdryer? I’m desperate to but I just can’t justify spending that much money on a hairdryer. Especially when I’ve just discovered Andrew Barton’s one at a tenth of the price!