The fabulous team at  Balance Me Beauty have launched a new lip balm,  Lip Quench Balm, just in time for summer!

At school, I was never without a lip balm, and I must admit I was a bit of an addict. I do remember sharing my little Body Shop or Boot’s tub with my besties, seems I got them hooked too!

These days I apply far less regularly, I do keep a lip balm in my pen pot on each of my desks, and one in my handbag wherever I may go. The lip balm in my bag is usually a Dizao Organics lip balm because they offer coloured options which are great if you don’t wear that much makeup!

So, on to the new Balance Me Lip Quench Balm.

The first thing I noticed was the deliciously fresh and zingy spearmint flavour. Next was the texture, a distinctly lighter balm in comparison to the Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve. Along with the spearmint oil, there are organic butters of shea, cocoa and mango. The end result? Lips that are smooth and no stickiness or tackiness to feel anywhere!

The Balance Me Lip Quench Balm has replaced the Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve, something I think is a bit of a shame as I loved this product. It has been on my desk as my top choice of lip balm for ages. I’ve been reaching for it in times of dry lips this winter, and it’s served me well. The way I saw it working with these was that the Balance Me Lip Quench Balm would be a summertime choice and the Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve as a winter lip product of choice. I’m sure however the new product will step up, after all, it does have a rich combination of shea, cocoa and mango butter!