I was very excited to hear that Pacifica skincare was coming to our fair shores a few months ago.


I love the ethics of Pacifica, and I was already a fan of their fragrance and makeup, so I was keen to give their natural skincare a go.


First up, Pacifica Coconut Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic. There are three different micellar waters in the Pacifica skincare range: cactus water (for all skin types), kale water (for oily and blemish prone skin) and coconut water (for all skin types especially stressed). As you’ll probably know if you read this blog occasionally, I am a huge coconut fan so of course I plumped for this one!


It’s important to understand the function of a micellar water. Originally designed for use backstage (runways or theatres), micellar waters are designed for those times when you have no access to water. They are not supposed to be used as a replacement to a cleanser every day. Personally, I keep the bottle near my bedside with some cotton pads and utilise on the late lazy nights, or at times when I’ve not ventured out of the house all day! Micellar waters are also a great option for festivals of course!


Anyway, back to my review. I love the smell, and the product is quite effective at lifting everything off, but micellar water does take quite a while to get rid of all the dirt, makeup and the rest of it. If I’m removing bronzer and CC cream it does take a few goings over. I also found the product good for removing my eye makeup, only to read a small warning on the side of the bottle to avoid contact with eyes! I’ve read a few other reviews of the Pacifica micellar waters and other people have experienced a burning sensation…. not I! However, when it comes to safety instructions best to follow them, so don’t try this at home kids!


Next up, Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Superhydration Sleepover Mask. This is my favourite product out of all the ones I have tried so far! It has a creamy consistency and once applied although in part the cream is absorbed you can still feel a masked layer on your face (for otherwise, it would be a cream and not a mask!). The scent is a gorgeous floral blend led by rose and jasmine, perfect for encouraging restful sleep and peaceful dreams, particularly with a little bit of chamomile thrown in for good measure! Four of the most standout ingredients for me are: hydrolyzed rice protein, rich in amino acids and hydrolyzed to help penetrate the skin; rice bran oil, a great source of antioxidants (with over 100 different types of the little guys!); mushroom stem extract, very much on trend as an  ingredient, but also rich in polysaccharides which help our skin to retain moisture; and hyaluronic acid, another hydrating molecule. Fast forward to the next morning and my skin appears more dewy and radiant than before, Wake Up Beautiful Superhydration Sleepover Mask is the perfect remedy for your face after a day in the sunshine, or perhaps a day of being stressed out!


Pacifica Glow Baby Youthful Salvation Walnut Face Scrub is a close second to my favourite Pacifica skincare product out of the ones I’ve tried. The exfoliating particles are finely ground walnut shells, fine enough not to be overly harsh or abrasive, but not so fine that you can’t feel them serving their purpose. I always thought that the product was almond scented, but upon reading the ingredients there is no sign of almond or a natural fragrance blend! So I took a slightly closer inspection (with my nose) and have worked out that the geranium essential oil is hitting the sweet marzipan notes that the sweet almond oil would, whilst lavender and chamomile provide a bit more body to the scent. Just like the mask, this product contains hyaluronic acid but also contains jojoba and flax seed oil to help condition skin. There are also some fruit enzymes to further aid with the lifting away of dead skin cells.


One product I did not get on so well with was the Pacifica Hot Vegan Probiotic & Spice Mask. Not because of the overall effect, but more because of the consistency of the product. It’s incredibly thin and runny, not what you would expect of a mask. In fact, the first time I opened the product a sizeable amount came out straight onto the floor! Oops! If this were my product, I’d either make it more like a gel, or alternatively put a pump on it and call it a serum mask. The mask is designed to clarify skin as well as energise, I don’t really have issues with blemishes but my skin did feel very clean and refreshed after use.




Lastly, and worthy of a mentioned, the Pacifica Purify Coconut Facial Cleansing Wipes. Like the micellar water, not to be used in place of a cleanser but a great alternative when there is no water available, or for those lazy nights or days. The coconut water is really hydrating and gives these face wipes a lovely fragrance. They are also biodegradable so threat not if you are eco-conscious and have read otherwise about face wipes!


Next on my wishlist to try is the Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream. Everyone I know who has tried it has loved it! What about you? Have you tried any of the Pacifica skincare range? Would love to hear your faves, leave a comment below 🙂