Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta offers a 100% natural range of skincare, utilising Chilean rosehip seed oil. Like New Zealand and Australia, the longitudinal positioning of Chile lends itself to superior fruit and botanicals. Thanks to the sunlight hours and positioning, fruits such as grapes and kiwis in the Antipodes, and rosehips, acai and goji berries in South America, contain more antioxidants and vitamins than those grown in other locations.

Rio Amazon is best known for its Rosa Mosqueta Oil, which has a success rate in over 90% of clinical trials for improving the appearance of scarring. What makes the Rosa Mosqueta Oil so effective is the presence of trans-retinoic acid; a natural source of vitamin A. This makes Rosa Mosqueta Oil also good for anti-ageing and helping to even reverse photo-ageing (premature ageing caused by sun exposure). Read my review on Rosa Mosqueta Oil here.

The team at Rio Rosa Mosqueta very kindly sent me a few other products to try from the range. Here’s my review!

Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta Skin Brightening Exfoliator


A soft and creamy exfoliator, with skin nourishing ingredients of shea butter, avocado oil and rosehip seed oil. The exfoliant is fine bamboo powder, which works ever so gently to remove impurities and life dead skin cells away. There’s also chamomile and horsetail to help calm and soothe skin that may be on the sensitive side.

I did enjoy using this exfoliator, but personally, I prefer a slightly more fragrant product. That said, it would suit more sensitive skin types!

Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta Eye Contour Cream


The Rio Rosa Mosqueta Eye Contour Cream was my favourite of the three products. As well as rosehip seed oil, there’s also antioxidant-rich sacha inchi oil, nourishing babassu butter, hydrating sodium hyaluronate, eyebright, calendula, white tea and chamomile to refresh and brighten skin.

I found this eye cream really nourishing, and only a tiny amount is needed. It does take a while to penetrate the skin, but I put this property to good use with my Foreo Iris, taking time to gently massage the area and ensuring all product absorbed by the skin.

Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta Face & Decolletage Firming Serum


This is a very rich serum, and thankfully I don’t need any help with firming the face and decolletage area…. Yet! It has a creamy consistency, thanks to its base of rosehip oil, babassu butter, and sacha inchi oil. There’s also sodium hyaluronate and aloe vera, which makes this a fabulous hydrating treatment for the skin. For soothing and healing, there’s calendula, chamomile and white tea.

Whilst not necessarily the right product for my skin on a day to day basis, I did utilise this product as a hydrating overnight treatment, and put it to good use whilst on holiday!