The Blow Dry Bar trend has hit London and of course, I had to try it out.

It was after a break away from my Biteable Beauty email that I found Alistair of Pickle PR’s email in my inbox, all about Blo’s new braids for summer. Had I read this email back in June, I totally would have got a braid style for Glastonbury! But as it was end August nearly September that I got back to Alistair, festival season was long gone.

I went for my blow dry the day before my birthday. I had no plans for the evening, just a quiet night in, for we had a wedding anniversary party the next day. With this in mind, I wanted a do that was a little bit glam, and that would last for my birthday weekend. There are seven signature styles at Blo, and I opted for Holly Would – to unleash my “inner femme with plenty of curl and bounce”.

My Blo Blow Dry Bar Experience

I hadn’t realised I would be with car on the other side of London to home on Friday, so I was driving into town. I have been stung by this in the past, driving round and round and round Soho looking for a space, so this time I chose to park somewhere I knew there were no restrictions after 6:30 on a Friday – Harley Street. Thankfully traffic wasn’t too bad but I still had to get my stomp on to make it in time to the salon. I thought my appointment was at 7, but actually it was 7:15 so although I thought I was a few minutes late, I was actually a few minutes early!

I was greeted by Brandy on reception, who was very friendly and welcoming, and settled me in to my station where I awaited my blo-dry-ist, Rosie. Rosie was an awesome stylist and we had a great gas whilst she was fabul-ising my hair. Turned out her birthday was the day after mine. Rosie took the time to find out why I was getting my hair done, and when I told her it was for the following day rather than the same night, she did my waves and bounce extra tight, so that by the next day it had fallen nicely. When the style was first finished, it looked incredible! Perhaps a bit OTT for the usual me, but I had to admit that I was smitten with the style.

About Blo Blow Dry

The brainchild of Gwyneth Paltrow, and her business partners, this salon offers no cuts, no colouring, just wash, blo and go! They use sulphate-free products, from US brand Unite, really great products though not completely natural.

Blo Blow Dry Bar Covent Garden is the first franchise in the UK. It is situated in the Plaza Market Building, on the lower ground floor. As well as blow dries, they offer manicures and pedicures on the weekend, and makeup by appointment.


A huge thanks to Alistair for organising, Brandy for welcoming and Rosie for giving me a brilliant birthday blow dry, the after effects of which lasted for the next three days, thanks to the help of Tabitha James Kraan’s dry shampoo!

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