Dafna, originally from Israel but based in Spain, recently launched her Ayurveda-inspired skincare line in the UK. Dafna, a Naturopath and Aromatherapist, was travelling in India and was headed close to the India-Tibet border to meet the Dalai Lama. While she and a group of other people were there, they fell sick due to the extreme weather conditions. The locals in the area gave them Ayurvedic herbs and potions to heal them. Uncertain of how effective it would actually be, they were amazed when they actually felt completely healed.

Seeing the power of Ayurveda first hand, Dafna decided to look more into it and thus started her skincare formulations made of 40 natural and organic active ingredients combining essential oils and botanical extracts. The products work together synergistically to fight early skin ageing and accumulated damages to cells caused by skin dehydration and stress. There are currently 5 products in the range:

  • Nutrition – Repair Skin & Relax Senses
  • Moisture + Revitalise Skin and Uplift Senses
  • Moisture Light – Revitalise Skin and Refresh Senses
  • Serum Anti Ageing & Glow
  • Eye Care Repair and Revitalise


‘During my consultation, Dafna first cleansed my skin, then applied the Serum followed by the light moisturising cream. The moisturising cream is actually as the name suggests – super light and therefore gets absorbed into the skin easily. The aromas in her products are lovely – evidence of the rich essential oils in them. I personally liked the Moisture Light cream the most. Although some of her products are formulated keeping in mind more mature skin, they could be used to help fight early signs of ageing in young skin as well.’


‘I was booked in for a 12:30 appointment at Content Beauty, a cute boutique on Bulstrode Street in Marylebone, London to meet Dafna from Dafna’s Personal Skincare. Before attending and after doing a bit of research I instantly fell in love with the packaging, so sleek and minimal – definitely a product that would look marvellous on your vanity table or in the bathroom. One very important tip I had learnt from Dafna was to pat product onto your skin rather than rub in circular motions, as this helps the skin soak up a product quicker. My most favourite product had been the serum. Although used for anti-ageing, it most definitely gives the face a gorgeous dewy glow. If your skin needs a pick me up, I would totally recommend this product!’

Available from Content Beauty & Wellbeing