Admittedly, making changes to an already existing (and successfully working) facial cleansing routine can be difficult. However, most facial cleansers are laden with harmful chemicals and ingredients that you should avoid applying to your face to achieve a happier and healthier you!

We’d like to encourage you to take a closer look at the list of ingredients of your facial cleansers and see whether a natural product can change your mind and cleansing routine.

One of the most harmful chemicals found in facial cleansers is Triclosan, an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent. Added to most facial cleansers and soaps, the substance is meant to help kill germs, but at the same time, it is also a suspect in contributing to the problem of antibiotic resistance. In addition, the Environmental Working Group gave this ingredient a 7 out of 10 ranking and thereby evaluated it as ‘very hazardous’. The reason for this is because when mixed with chlorine-containing water (such as normal tap water), triclosan produces chloroform. Hence, being exposed to the latter substance on a regular basis, for example in the form of breathing it in or even ingesting it, may cause dizziness or headaches in some of us, and is even found to damage the liver and kidneys. Apart from this, chloroform is also suspected to cause cancer [1].

Instead of putting yourself, and your skin, at risk every time you wash your face, try switching to an all-natural product. We like SPA FABULOUS’ Organic Cleanse & Glow Bliss and think this is the perfect cleanser to go natural with your skin care and start your #BeautyRevolution! A selection of naturally gentle ingredients used in this cleanser are, for example, lavender, which calms and relaxes the complexion, and rosehip seed oil, which repairs, plumps, and adds omega acids to your skin. Go to our blog and read our product review.

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