Skincare has always been important to me, so I am always trying out the latest face products on the market. Today I am going to tell you about my most favourite facial oils at the moment!

MV Skincare Rose Plus Skin Booster 


Can I try to tell you how much I LOVED this face oil?! I had a gorgeous facial and body treatment with Sharon McGlinchey, founder of MV Skincare a while back now – simply divine! I got a set of cleanser, toner and this product to take away. They are all beautiful products, but this is the magic one for me.

A 98% organic blend of camellia, jojoba, rosehip fruit oil, damask rose oil, geranium, vitamin E and rosemary extract, with essential oils of rose otto and rose geranium, this oil really is something else!

Camellia and jojoba make this product fabulous for hormonal skin, but the whole blend is suited to dry, delicate and sensitive skin types.

Two drops are all that’s needed to cover face and neck. It may not seem or look like a lot, but believe me it’s plenty! For best results, apply whilst face and neck are still damp (and of course cleansed!)

Balance Me Radiance Facial Oil – review here.


Spiezia Organics Rose & Vanilla Face Oil – review here.

Wild Wood Groves Argan Oil


Fiona at Beauty Shortlist put me on to Wild Wood Groves Face Oil, and girl am I glad she did! I’ve yet to try the Rose & Frankincense Argan Oil, but the Argan Oil with Lavender was incredible. Instant calming for stressed and hormonal skin.

Like Kahina Giving Beauty that we wrote about here earlier this week, Wild Wood Groves is dedicated to working with local Berber women, ensuring they benefit from decent working conditions and good wages.

Wild Wood Groves have built their own production workshop, which means they control these conditions whilst upholding the most stringent quality control processes and traceability.

As mentioned before, argan oil production is a labour-intensive and time-consuming affair. The fruit is gathered by hand, the fruit stripped from the nuts, which are then cracked between heavy stones (by hand!) to present a single seed that looks like an apricot kernel. For food use, these seeds are lightly toasted, but for beauty they are cold-pressed.

To give an idea of time, it takes 2 days to produce a litre of argan oil!

The Argan tree grows only in south-west Morocco, dates back 25,000,000 years and is thought to have once covered all of North Africa. Now endangered, the argan tree is protected as a biosphere heritage by UNESCO. Growing in semi-desert conditions, the deep root system of the argan trees helps to protect against soil erosion and the northern advance of the Sahara.

Argan trees can grow up to a height of 10 metres. They take many years to yield fruit, the most being  after 50–60 years of growth, and can survive for 200–250 years,

I’m not the only one who loves the lavender argan oil blend from Wild Wood Groves; Sophie Dahl said of it –

“I love, love, love Wild Wood Groves’ Argan oil blends. The lavender is magical in the bath and the baby blend is perfect for even the most temperamental of skins.”

I’ll have to try my other blend in the bath, I didn’t think of that!