Did you know that mainstream shower gels and body washes can contain chemicals potentially hazardous to our health? You can read more about that here. Switching to natural and organic products means your bath or shower can be even cleaner!

Here are four of our favourite bath and shower gels we’ve been using of late.

Dr Bronner’s Organic Shikakai Lavender Soap

We are huge Dr Bronner’s fans in our house, we have this pump soap at all our sinks, I almost always carry a Dr Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitizer with me, and I’ve recently introduced Mr BB to their shaving gel!

I love the soft, caramelly-ness of the Organic Shikakai Soap though, it’s so buttery to touch, creates a creamier lather than the liquid soap (making it ideal for dry skin).

Shikakai has been used for centuries in India to cleanse skin and hair. It’s extracted from the seed pods of the Acadia Concinna plant. The Formula also features organic sucrose, which is an excellent humectant, meaning it helps draw water to the skin, making it perfect for a shower gel.

Also not to be sniffed at, the lavender scent which is just divine. It’s a fairly strong lavender scent with green tones too, more like a French lavender.

I’ve not tried this, but apparently you can use Shikakai Soaps to wash your hair, like you can the Dr Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soaps, but I’ve heard it’s best to use the  Dr Bronner’s Hair Conditioning Rinse. I’ve also not tried the Hair Conditioning Rinse, one for the shopping list next time!

Green Energy Organics La Recolte des Fruits Energising Body Wash


My new favourite body wash, no doubt! I love the fruitiness; the way it energises when it needs to and the way it can also have a calming and grounding influence. It means that I can use both morning and night, and until I’d used it all up it was my go-to product for a post Fierce Grace Yoga rub down. “La Recolte des Fruits” translates to “the fruit harvest”, and the product is rich in antioxidant and vitamin rich red wild fruit extracts, and grapeseed extract, with powerful antioxidant properties to help protect free radical damage.

Avalon Organics Ylang Ylang Bath & Shower Gel


I adore ylang ylang, the sensuality of the floral sweetness, but the fact it’s not overly sweet. The product produces a rich lather and is non-drying, although if you’re looking for a moisturiser to follow it up with the Avalon Organics Ylang Ylang Hand & Body Lotion.

Aromatherapy Associates Relax Body Wash  


I’ve been getting into my aromatherapy products in a big way of late, as life gets busier and  I’m trying to address my work/life balance, and doing rather well, and as a result I try to indulge myself in some regular me-time. Aromatherapy Associates Relax Body Wash was an indulgence at the end of a long day. The fragrance is exquisite, as I have come to expect from Aromatherapy Associates. A blend of lavender, ylang ylang, petitgrain, patchouli and vetiver, which all dance around each other to offer a beautiful aroma in the bath or shower.