There’s not a product of Ancienne Ambiance that I have tried and not fallen in love with! It was only a matter of time before I fell in love with their new fragrances; thanks to Adriana who sent me a package of the new launch.

I met Adriana at her beautiful boutique earlier in the year, read more about that here, and at the time she was preparing her new collection for launch. When the package turned up in the post, I was very excited. The fragrances of Ancienne Ambiance had arrived, and were all packaged up in a beautiful purple satin bag.

The colonias are numbered IV, VI and VII, and are all citrus-based fragrances with different accent notes.


Ancienne Ambiance Fragrance ­Colonia IV

This is the most traditional of the three fragrances, and Mr BB’s favourite. Before he met me, Mr BB was only wearing Armani, which is very pleasant but there are other colognes out there! Whilst it’s good to have a signature scent in my opinion, I’ve since gotten him into Frau Tonis Bogota Berlin, and now Colonia IV from Ancienne Ambiance! Whilst the latter doesn’t smell exactly the same as Armani, it has similar notes. Fresh lemon, orange, tangerine and bergamot blended with lavender and neroli. Ancienne Ambiance’s description says it takes you to the citrus crop fields of Southern Italy, first cultivated by ancient Greeks in the 9th Century BC.

Ancienne Ambiance Colonia VI

Ancienne Ambiance Colonia VI has similar citrusy notes as IV but with an added twist of blackcurrant and geranium heart notes, this is my favourite from the three. It is perfect for day or night wear and has a real warming and cheery tone to it. With top notes of Florida orange and Argentinian lemon, and base notes of vineyard peach and white musk. A beautiful unisex colonia, inspired by a fragrant garden bursting with scents of berries and citrus.

Ancienne Ambiance Colonia VII

I think Ancienne Ambiance Colonia VII is a summer scent; bright, sparkling and fruity! Combines top notes of Italian pink grapefruit, Italian tangerine, heart notes of blackcurrant and Italian blood orange, and base notes of marshmallow and white musk.

Have you tried any of the Ancienne Ambiance colognes yet? Which is your favourite?