It’s a while now since I went to Last Perfect for my Brow Perfect experience. The lashes were excellent ­ I was really impressed especially with the lasting power and how much money the average lash­a­holic might be able to save with this treatment! So when Lash Perfect invited me along to the launch of LoLa Brows (LoLa = Long Lasting) I could not wait to experience the treatment.

This treatment creates the perfectly enhance brows in terms of colour, shape and style, with each treatment made bespoke to your each and every brow needs.

LoLa Brows lasts up to three weeks for most people, however, due to my hot yoga­ing mine lasted about a week. I would imagine it near ­on impossible to achieve a brow treatment (other than a tint!) that can withstand hot yoga 4+ times a week! Now, that’s a challenge for the formulators! What’s great about the treatment is that the colour is matched exactly to suit your look ­ be it to your hair or existing brows. My technician was incredibly thorough in guiding me through the different options and helped me decide on the right blend of shades for my skin tone. The formula can be applied either directly onto the skin (great if you have any gaps in your eyebrows due to over plucking or scars!) or built upon existing brows. It’s also waterproof and smudge-proof (just not quite hot yoga proof!)

The treatment was over with half an hour, which is really great going for a semi-permanent treatment. The end result? ­3D brows that aren’t too scary (Mr BB has been a little disconcerted by previous brow experiences!) and look natural!

LoLa Brows: The Process

My brow area was thoroughly cleansed, and then the technician applied the Brow Base Gel ­a Hi Impact base additive mixed with Colour My Brows powders (the colours I had chosen with the technician!) Next, the sculpting brow gel is applied with a fine wire wand and this is built upon till the desired effect is achieved.

Here are my before and after shots – ­

Before LoLa Brows

After my treatment: what a transformation! Love these brows, really accents my existing brow shape.


I would say to date this is my best brow experience! Are you a lash and brow girl? If I had time I certainly would be! What’s your favourite eye enhancing experience been?