Green Energy Organics La Recolte des Fleurs d’Oranger Illuminating Facial Toner and Cream Cleanswer Review

I recently reviewed Green Energy Organics La Recolte des Fleurs d’Oranger Illuminating Facial Toner along with the Cream Cleanser from the same line, read more here.


I can’t tell you how much I am still loving the toner – I took it away to Sal, Cape Verde with me recently and it was so refreshing by the pool or on the beach. A spritz to rejuvenate and rehydrate my skin that had been basking in the sun all day.

Green Energy Organics La Recolte des Fleurs d’Oranger Illuminating Facial Toner is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, to help anti-age and calm the skin, both important when you’ve been out in the sun all day.

The formula features flower extracts from rose, chamomile and orange flower, and pomegranate, to help keep skin hydrated and replenish lost moisture. The toner also offers protection from free radical damage, another important factor for sun worshippers!

As well as using as an instant skin refresh, I was using with my Annane Purifying Cleanser, spritzing my face with it once I had applied the cleanser and then tissuing off.

Green Energy Organics La Recolte des Fleur D’Orange Ecological Body Water sat on my desk for quite a while. I was admiring the round bottle, reminiscent of an Issey Miyake perfume no longer in production, (Feu d’Issey perhaps?)


But once I got in to using this body water, I really got in to it. You can apply straight to the skin, or even through leggings and tights.

The fragrance is beautiful, just like the toner; a Sicilian fleur d’orange mixed with other citrus and floral notes. Perfect for summer, and like the toner perfect for applying to skin that’s been out in the sun all day!

The water used to create the spray is from an eco thermal source, which helps to sooth and moisturise the body. When using on the body you can use post-shower, throughout the day to relieve stress, apply to feet and legs to diminish puffiness and fatigue – great for when you’ve just gotten off the plane!

I’ve not tried it yet, but you can also spray on your hair to add moisture and a light perfume – I’ll be giving this a go as soon as I am off the plane!