After I come back inside from the smoggy London streets, I really want a cleanse.

If you’ve overdone it in the sun, or even if you haven’t, you may still be experiencing pigmentation. When your skin is exposed to the sun a brown pigment called melanin is produced. It is your skin’s protection system against UV rays, and it’s why our skin tans. However, sometimes our melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin) can be overstimulated and overproduce melanin. This leads to hyperpigmentation.

I’ve noticed that I tend to get pigmentation around my eyes, above my cheekbones. Which is funny because I probably use the most anti-ageing product around here! There’s no doubt my skin is happiest in the summer; tanned, dewy and happy. It’s these forthcoming autumn and winter months when things can start to go a bit wrong. Some days my skin feels overloaded with product, other times like it needs extreme hydration measures, and it can feel like this under the exact same regimen! I never know how to properly wash my face- it just changes so much.

I swear that my skin did not used to like a cream cleanse, or maybe it was just me and my obsession with oils. However, in recent times, I’ve been using and loving the creaminess of these cleansers. How they feel like you’ve moisturised your skin before you’ve even got to that phase. The Green Energy Organics La Recolte des Fleurs d’Oranger is no exception.

Green Energy Organics La Recolte des Fleurs d’Oranger Cream Cleanse

The formula is rich in vitamins and minerals, featuring a blend of orange flowers (as the name suggests!), pomegranate (rich in fatty acids), rose (ditto), chamomile (soothing) and grape seed polyphenols (antioxidants – though we’re sure you will have read that word a lot recently!). The cleanser is great for dry skin and mature skin and helps promote healthy cell rejuvenation, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also detoxifying.

It’s a light cream, not too heavy and it also glides smoothly over the skin. The smell is incredible – I am a huge orange flower fan – particularly neroli, from the flowers of the bitter orange plant. So all in all this product is a hit for me! I noticed quite a lot of the cream was absorbed by my skin as I applied it, quite possibly because my skin was thirsty! One thing I would like to see is a different container for the product. I would much prefer an air-tight pump dispenser or at least a tube for greater preservation of the product and better hygiene.


Green Energy Organics La Recolte des Fleurs d’Oranger Illuminating Facial Toner

I have only just started using this toner, and now I am wondering why I didn’t start sooner. The aroma delivered with every spritz is just heavenly to me!

This skin tonic delivers the same healthful vitamins, minerals and ingredients to the skin as the cream cleanser, and works towards the same results. It’s also dermatologically tested.


And now I’m off to cleanse my face!