Throughout Organic September I was constantly excited to try new products everyday, learn about their properties, ingredients, stories behind the brands and most importantly the history behind Organic September and the Soil Association.

I’ve always been interested in natural and organic products, and started developing a concern a few years ago when I was unaware of what ingredients were actually in my everyday products from skincare to haircare. Organic September has opened my eyes to the certified brands that fall under the Soil Association and what to look for in the future if I’m shopping for pure, chemical-free and organic beauty and food products (which I always am!) Today I’ve rounded up my 5 favourite products I was using September, some natural, some not. Let me tell you now, I have a serious obsession with some of them!

September Beauty Favourite #1 Saaf Organics Hair Enriching Oil

This was one of the first products I had tried at the beginning of September. It was very hit or miss between the team but I personally love it. I found this works best when I apply this either the day after I have washed my hair or if it’s slightly damp. There is an instant shine, not the greasy kind, and an instant softness which lasts throughout the day. The smell is very peculiar and not a typical fragrance you’d find in your standard beauty product, but that’s what makes me love this more! It’s key ingredients are sesame oil, mustard seed oil, neem oil, ylang ylang and rosemary. For the retail price of £19.99, it’s quite a good bargain, especially with the amount of product you get and the small amount you need, plus its packaging is sleek and sophisticated.

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September Beauty Favourite #2 Topshop Lip Bullet in Motel

I think I’m a bit late on the bandwagon with Topshop make-up. I’ve always been a bit skeptical when well-known high street clothing brands launch make-up lines. I purchased this lip bullet a few months ago because I had been given some gift vouchers to spend, and I was unsure what to buy. I definitely wasn’t expecting much from this product. The Topshop Lip Bullet in Motel is a semi-matte lipstick, and has a very buttery and creamy consistency which means it glides easily on the lips, surprisingly it’s not drying either. The colour is certainly a nude pink with undertones of brown, which I adore because it can be worn with an everyday look or on a night out. I found that this had been my go-to makeup product throughout the entirety of September, and I still can’t get enough of it!

September Beauty Favourite #3 Terre Verdi FranChouliPom Facial Serum

I honestly can’t stop talking about this product. I’m obsessed with it. If you read my review alongside Eline’s and Rebecca’s,  you’ll know how much I love this. Although it’s suited for dry and mature skin, neither of which I have, it works amazingly for me. The smell is so delicious and opulent. I apply only a small amount before bedtime and wake up with the fragrance still lingering on my skin, my face glowing and fresh! This product was hands down my #1 favourite I used this September and definitely one that comes highly recommended from me, and Rebecca!

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September Beauty Favourite #4 Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Moisturising Stick

I picked this up whilst on my short trip to Paris during August, in a pharmacy close to my hotel. The Nuxe moisturising stick contains honey and sunflower, but smells very citrusy like a field of lemon trees. I believe I purchased this for only a euro, and found that in the UK the average retail price for this product is £5.50!! I’m not too fond of the fragrance but the product itself works instantly, leaving your lips smooth and soft throughout the entire day.

September Beauty Favourite #5 Lucy Annabella Organics Bath Milk & Treatment Oil

The Lucy Annabella products are simply a luxurious way to end your day. Both the Bath Milk and Treatment oils have gorgeous scents that will ease your mind if you’re stressed or need some relaxing ‘me’ time. Both products are light and delicate on the skin, with long-lasting scents that make you want to fall into a deep sleep. They’re quite expensive, but I feel that they go a long way, you get a lot and don’t need much. These are great pick-me-up products to carry on using now the weather’s getting colder.

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