Today I’m talking about one of my number one products- natural mascaras!

Mascara probably belongs to those makeup products a majority of women doesn’t want to miss if they were asked to reduce their makeup stash to one item only. Flattering all eye shapes and colours, mascaras darken, curl, thicken, lengthen, and volumise the lashes and can be a real ‘eye-opener’.

While most mainstream and fashionable mascaras help to transform the look of your lashes in an instant, they most likely contain ingredients you should steer clear of for the sake of your health.  Therefore, one ingredient we suggest to watch out for in your favourite mascara is Retinyl Acetate.

Even though this ingredient is a form of vitamin A, it is given an 8 out of 10 rating on the EWG hazard scale (= high hazard). The reason for this is that the chemical has been linked to the production of excess oxygen species once absorbed by the skin. This, in turn, may severely affect our DNA, that is it changes our genetic material. Apart from this, retinyl acetate has further been found to be carcinogenic [1]. We recommend looking for organic and natural mascara alternatives.

Some natural mascara recommendations.

We have tried a safe and even vegan mascara alternative, which doesn’t contain this harmful ingredient. BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY’s Full Volume Mascara is definitely able to keep up with mainstream mascaras and will thicken your lashes and maximum length. Read our review here.

Another mascara alternative, which opts for a less dramatic and more natural lash look, is LAVERA’s Style & Care Gel. Not only will the coloured gel help styling your eyebrows, it’s also great to define your lashes and make them appear longer, while at the same time conditioning them. Hop over to our Festival Beauty Essentials Guide featuring this versatile gel.


[1] http://www.medicaldaily.com/4-common-mascara-ingredients-can-harm-your-health-safe-alternative-natural-mascara-253297