In 2014, I was incredibly lucky to meet Sharon McGlinchey, founder of MV Skincare (MV stands for My Vision My Values). Sharon was visiting the UK and I was invited along for a facial at the Rubens Hotel in Victoria, London.

The facial was my first experience of Sharon’s beauty brand, prior to that I had only heard of the brand through Fiona of Beauty Shortlist who is a big fan of the brand. It didn’t take long to find out why! The quality of the rose oil used is instantly recognisable by that beautiful scent that escapes the bottle upon opening. With a rose oil that prominent in a bouquet, you know that there’s no scrimping on ingredients!

Sharon didn’t just stop at my face though, I had been going through a bit of a difficult time and she practised reiki on me too. I left feeling heaps better, and kitted out with an arsenal of MV Skincare products which kept me and my skin happy for quite some time!

Gentle Cream Cleanser


Regular readers will know that my love of cream cleansers had a renaissance, and I believe it was this cream cleanser that reignited the passion. It’s simply one of the best cream cleansers I’ve ever used! It works on makeup, lifts the remains of the day (read London pollution!) and smells and feels beautiful! My skin felt hydrated after use, before I’d even applied any of the hydrating ingredients, thanks to olive and coconut oil.

MV Skincare Rose Plus Booster

My favourite of the three products, but they are all rather special! This oil is super-concentrated and when Sharon says only two drops are required she’s quite right! So many times a brand will say 2-3 drops and my skin will have lapped them up before I’ve even got as far as my neck and forehead! MV Organic Skincare’s Rose Plus Booster contains green tea, jojoba, rosehip, rose, geranium oils, vitamin E and rosemary extract.  2016-biteable-beauty-mv-skincare-Rose-Plus-Booster

MV Skincare Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser 

As with the other two products, the rose scent is simply divine. The Rose Plus Booster does such a good job of hydrating the skin that only a very small amount of this moisturiser was needed by my skin. My skin felt so soft and smooth afterwards, thanks to the jojoba, green tea, honeysuckle, geranium and rose oils. With fans including Emma Watson and Rose-Marie Swift, it’s safe to say I’m in good company as a fan of this MV Skincare’s Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser!