Pommade Divine – Nature’s Remedy Balm was another product in my Natural & Organic Products Europe haul, which if I’m honest didn’t really jump out at me at first. The white box, stereotypical green design and classic fonts didn’t really grab my attention.

I was reminded of the existence of this product when I paid a visit to the newly redesigned John Bell & Croyden, where the product was in pride of place in the Best of British section. So I decided to pay the product another visit, this time take it out of the box and even got as far as opening the jar!

The first thing that you notice after opening the jar is the deep, rich colour of the product. A golden, deep browny orange colour. Like turmeric and golden milk, the colour says “this is good for you”. Shortly after opening, you notice the incredible fragrance; it smells like Christmas! A blend of nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. The main ingredient of the balm is lanolin, derived from sheep’s wool (so not one for our vegan friends). There’s also vitamin E rich, nourishing shea butter, which delivers skin moisture and hydration.

Pommade Divine was created by the royal family’s chemist and was first used by Marie Antoinette’s great-grandmother in the early 1700s and then by Queen Victoria. It’s a great multi-tasking balm and can be used for a variety of ailments:

  1. Protecting and healing small cuts and grazes; just apply a small amount over the area to calm any soreness as well as protect the open wound from infection.
  2. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean it’s great for stopping the itchiness of insect bites; apply as needed.
  3. Soothes dry and itchy patches; now I’ve not used on eczema, just a patch of contact dermatitis I have under a ring, and it’s been very soothing for that.
  4. Smoothes dry heels and feet; I’ve slathered this on post-bath and pre-bed, then put on some booties and woken up to really soft skin. For an extra soft touch, use Epsom salts in your bath!
  5. Injects some moisture into dry hands – use overnight with nylon mittens. Rub into cuticles to help strengthen and soften.
  6. Apply to face overnight and wake up with a dewy complexion; simply apply to clean, dry skin in small circular and upwards motions.
  7. Cradle Cap; Pommade Divine is gentle enough to use on babies’ skin!
  8. Whilst on the subject of babies, it’s a good natural balm to help treat nappy rash. Use sparingly as it is very rich and a little goes a long way!
  9. Softening and smoothing lips; use in place of a lip balm, or apply before bedtime and most likely you won’t need a lip balm in the day.
  10. Use to hold eyebrows in place; just a tiny amount is needed!
  11. Create a sheen on eyelids and contour cheekbones for a barely-there makeup look; I love doing this in the summer time. It’s so subtle but really does enhance your face.

I’m always interested to hear how other people use their multi-purpose balms, so if you have some ingenious uses, pray do tell!