Well here it is everyone, my first post of 2016 all about beauty trends! Wishing you all a much belated very very happy 2016! May it be full of wonderful and magical things! The truth is, I’ve done another 30 day Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Challenge, taken on several new clients and our team has grown, so all in all January has been a rather busy month.
I’m now back on the blog and ready to hit it once again! To start the year off, a few weeks ago now I asked some of my favourite bloggers what beauty trends in the natural and organic sector they see emerging for 2016. Here’s what they had to say (and ladies, apologies for the delay in publishing this post – thanks so much for your input!)

Natural & Organic Beauty Trends for 2016

Amber Felce, from Amber’s Beauty Talk  predicts superfoods in beauty to be a super hot trend for 2016, which funnily enough is the topic for my talk at Natural & Organic Products Europe. I’ll be talking cacay nut oil (the new argan), chia, sea kelp and cocoa, and I’m very excited to be doing so!
Fiona Klonarides from The Beauty Shortlist has claimed makeup is ALL about the eyes – “cobalt blue eyeshadow, eyeliner, eye everything” were here words. Yes ladies, cobalt blue eyeshadow has come around again! I remember wearing a Miss Selfridge one in the 90s, a MAC one in the noughties, and here it is once again! Will I find a nice, natural one this time around? Watch this space! Tamara from Rainbow Feet has identified the serum foundation as the next big skin trend, which goes hand in hand with Fi’s point that “skin is taking a turn towards a more natural, dewy look, enhanced with balm-glossed cheekbones.”
Fiona also agrees with me that organic beauty IS now mainstream – this is something I am most excited about, although I know that Amber wants to keep all the beautiful artisan green beauty brands for herself (JOKE!) following on from our last #BeautyBabble ;-P
Both Tamara and Fiona address the “A” word – Tamara says “there seems to be a shift towards a more positive message when it comes to ageing.” and  “women in their 30s and 40s are really happy in their own skin and don’t care much for the message of anti-ageing.” I hasten to agree!  Fiona has said that polarisation of those “women who embrace more Harley Street-style skincare and sophisticated implant procedures, and women who are firmly in the green beauty camp happy to age naturally without any work done on them.” Fiona also recognises that there is an overlap – “you can have a beautiful arsenal of organic skincare at home but, perhaps, if you’re in your late 40s or over, have a little “work done”.”
Lastly, and this is something I have gotten more and more into the older I get, Fi says that “Aromatherapy has never been more important.”  The sentiment that follows I couldn’t agree more with – “It’s time to get laser-sharp clear on balance and I think the western world needs a major “regroup”.  We’re going to look back and say “why did we spend so much time staring at computer screens and rushing from meeting to meeting?”
So there you have 2016 beauty trends from some of my favourite ladies in the blogosphere – thanks so much to Fi, Tamara and Amber for taking part, it was great to have your input!
Have we missed any that you’ve seen coming through – leave a comment below! x