I couldn’t write about Organic Beauty Week and not pay homage to Neal’s Yard Remedies. I’m a frankincense nut and the frankincense range of products from them is my favourite. I featured several of the products in my Frankincense – the Gift of Wise Men & Women, here, however I still have a few more to share with you today!

Neal’s Yard Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Wash offers a less creamy more oil-based cleanser than the Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser. I’ve used both of these cleansers to good effect, and I like them both so much that I can’t really pick a favourite of the organic beauty options. I’d say the Refining Cleanser is slightly better for my skin in the winter but both are fairly agreeable. If I had to pigeon hole and say these products were for a particular skin type, I would recommend the Facial Wash for oily to combination skin and the Refining Cleanser for dry, mature skin types.


Next, on to Neal’s Yard Hydrating Face Cream. I found this cream to be rich and take a while to sink into my skin, so I took to using it as a night cream. I tend to use oils on my skin for daytime moisturisation during the summer months as a moisturiser but in the winter I usually throw a cream into the mix for daytime as well as nighttime use. Frankincense has superior refining properties for the skin, and the cream also contains myrrh, which is soothing, antimicrobial and antibacterial.


Organic Beauty- Frankincense Intense Serum and Frankincense Intense Cream

Finally the products I had waited so long to try! Frankincense Intense Serum and Frankincense Intense Cream. Now, again I found the cream a little on the heavy side so I am waiting for winter to thoroughly put this to the test. The Frankincense Intense Serum, however…WOW! This product is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 30 minutes, plump, firm and tone the skin in seven days, instantly hydrate, promote radiance and more! This was a very special product for me, and I wasn’t expecting it as I generally don’t believe the hype, however, this product certainly cut the mustard! As well as featuring wild and FairWild frankincense, the formula included gardenia stem cells, peptides, argan oil and gums from plants to achieve the instant smoothing of the skin. I’m looking forward to putting the Frankincense Intense Cream to the test in the winter months, which sadly aren’t that far away now!


Tell me your favourite Neal’s Yard Remedies favourites or organic beauty options: I’m such a huge frankincense fan that I’ve hardly tried anything else from the range!