At Home Facial - Pai Rose & Camellia Cleanser

This is another post in my series about Organic Beauty Week! Read on for details for one of my new favourite cleansers.

One of my favourite cleanser discoveries of late, I love how rich this cleanser feels as you apply to the skin, and how clean it leaves your face. It’s great for removing everything – dirt, debris and even waterproof mascara. To remove eye makeup, simply pump one delivery of the cleanser onto a cotton wool pad and gently pull across the eyelid. The cleanser comes with an organic muslin cloth to help gently exfoliate dead skin cells. It also leaves skin hydrated, so that it’s softer and smoother before you’ve even moisturised!

Camellia oil was the oil that Axelle Bonaparte gave me my Tsuboki facial massage with. It’s a relatively rare oil but has been used in Japan through the ages to effectively clean and condition the skin. It’s packed with omega-3 along with vitamins A, B, C and E. The rose oil used is damask rose otto oil, which is a superior humectant with rejuvenating and restorative properties. The reason you see rose oil in so many organic beauty products is that it tones and hydrates simultaneously and has heaps of skin benefits.

The organic beauty cleanser also contains –

    • castor oil, a fab emollient with purifying properties
    • sweet almond oil, rich in vitamin E, offers protection from oxidative stress
    • nourishing shea butter
    • antiseptic and anti-inflammatory geranium oil
    • calming lavender oil
    • gentle exfoliating lactic acid
  • may chang oil, an effective astringent

I like how Pai have made such an effective range of products for sensitive skin conditions, but they are still enjoyable to use in terms of fragrance and feel. Sometimes sensitive skincare ranges can feel like “no frills” with their lack of texture and no fragrance.

We’ll be sharing our other Pai Skincare reviews throughout Organic Beauty Week, so look out for them. And, if you’ve tried any Pai products I would love to know your favourites. I’m looking forward to trying out the sample kit on my trip to Paris Beyond Beauty show this week!