Another post from my Organic Beauty Week posts- read on for information about the beauty brand Spiezia.

I admit, until I judged the Best Ethical Range in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards, I had not tried anything from Spiezia. Was I in for a treat though when I did! The company has some of the highest values for a company I have ever seen – no animal testing from suppliers of ingredients, sustainable agricultural practices, fair pay for all involved in the production of ingredients, no GMO, locally sourced and carbon neutral wherever possible, Soil Association-certified, and recyclable packaging. All products are also a 100% organic beauty brand, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s an incredible list of qualities to adhere to!

With the brand winning the Best Ethical Range, I obviously rated the brand very highly, as it was up against stiff competition from Neal’s Yard Remedies and Nourish Skincare, who were highly commended in the awards. The products are all super lovely to use and highly efficacious, so much so that several months later some of them are still going strong!

Spiezia Organics Rose & Vanilla Face Oil: Organic Beauty Brand

This oil is incredibly nourishing for the skin, and only a tiny amount is required to cover the whole face. With a jojoba oil base, which as you may know is very similar in structure to the sebum in your skin, the product also contact rose flower extract and oil, wheat germ oil and vanilla pod for a deliciously sweet scent.

In the summer months, I found this product sufficed for my face moisturiser, however in the winter months I combined it with



Spiezia Organics Nourishing Moisturiser

A fabulously rich moisturiser, it takes just a pea-sized amount to cover the whole face and neck. It’s full of skin-loving ingredients including –

  • ylang ylang oil to soothe and balance
  • beeswax, antibacterial but also an humectant
  • soothing chamomile
  • collagen production-promoting sweet orange oil
  • brightening carrot fruit extract
  • softening and smoothing olive oil
  • detoxifying sesame seed oil
  • hydrating jojoba oil
  • nourishing cocoa seed butter
  • vitamin E laden wheat germ oil

A supreme combination of organic ingredients to nourish, hydrate and moisturise almost all skin types.


Spiezia Organics Rose and Chamomile Gentle Face Scrub

I love this face scrub! It is so gentle, utilising chamomile stamen as the exfoliant part in the product, and it’s full of many of the same ingredients as the moisturiser above plus coconut oil, calendula and vanilla pod extract for a delightful sweet fragrance. So, as you are exfoliating you are also delivering these oils into the skin. The action may be gentle but the product is highly effective at removing dead skin cells, impurities and toxins, as well as possessing anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.


 Spiezia Organics Head & Hair Oil

This is another hero product from the range for me, I love the invigorating fragrance, it’s wonderfully uplifting. All you need is half a capful, massage into your scalp before shampooing to help stimulate hair follicles and condition hair, leave on for 20 minutes and then shampoo out. Alternatively, you can use after shampooing to help tame frizzy unruly hair. It can be used as a treatment for an itchy, flakey scalp, thanks to jojoba and olive oils rich in vitamin D and E. The hair oil also helps to rebalance your skin’s natural sebum production.

 Spiezia Organics Moisturising Hand Balm

A highly effective moisturising hand product, this balm is oil based rather than water-based which means it delivers deeper moisturisation. It smells AMAZING too – a heady blend of sweet orange and ylang ylang essential oils. You only need a tiny amount to do your hands, and I’ve been using on my feet too as an overnight treatment. The product takes a while to work into the hands, but once it is absorbed the end result is incredibly soft, smooth hands with a beautiful sheen to the skin.


Spiezia Organics Lemongrass & Marigold Body Scrub

Last but by no means least, the body scrub. I have been using this for ages and I’m still only halfway through the jar! And it is a beautiful jar, I may well gift a homemade beauty present in it this Christmas! It’s a sugar scrub, with a blend of golden caster sugar and soft brown sugar. Sugar is actually a great moisturising ingredient for the skin, so your skin won’t dry out. The fragrance is a gorgeous revitalising lemongrass scent, and talong with marigold these two ingredients help to stimulate the circulation to the skin and possess reparative properties.


Thanks for tuning in for another post about Organic Beauty Week!