Green People Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner Organic Credentials

Green People were one of the first companies to have beauty products certified organic by the Soil Association, just after their cosmetic standard launched in 2002. In 2003, Green People also began to work with the Organic Food Federation, with their Non-Food Certification Co. standard.  In 2009 they achieved EcoCert standard, and this makes Green People the only cosmetics company to be independently certified by three different certification bodies.
Green People have 140 products, with around 90% certified organic by one or more of the aforementioned certification bodies. Green People Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo & Conditioner are 100% certified products by the OFF Non-Food Certification Company standard 81.3% of the shampoo and 91.2% of the conditioner’s total ingredients are certified organic ingredients.

Rebecca’s Review

Whilst ginger and lemongrass are kind of standard fragrances in body care, we don’t really see them utilised all that much in hair care. Having used Green People’s hair care I am now asking, why the hell not. It was a really refreshing fragrance for hair washing and made me love these products even more.
Green People’s hair care was some of the first I tried on my journey to natural, and they remain to this day some of my favourites. These new products have knocked my old favourites (the moisturising shampoo and conditioner) off their top spot.
Quinoa protein, by the way, has been shown to increase shine by as much as 50%. Quinoa is one of the hot superfoods of the moment, and as beauty follows where food trends go it was only a matter of time before we saw it popping up in our beauty products (which it has been for a while now!) Something I haven’t seen much of though is artichoke, which helps smooth the hair and keep our locks frizz free.

Eline’s Review

I must admit I didn’t even properly look at the label before using this Green People shampoo and conditioner the first time, so I hadn’t realised there was quinoa and artichoke in it until Katria pointed it out to me (and was quite baffled by these ingredients). Rebecca had just given us so many products to try and I hadn’t had the time to read up on all of them. Frankly, I just loved all the other Green People products I had used and I was a bit in a rush that morning so I just grabbed the first shampoo that was within reach.
Admittedly, had I read the label first, I might have been a bit more reluctant to try this shampoo and conditioner. Quinoa and artichoke aren’t the most customary shampoo ingredients and I usually shy away from hair products that boost shine. But since I had already used it, I realised that this hadn’t meant making my hair greasy-looking.
The conditioner did a great job of untangling my hair and I was pleasantly surprised when I read that artichoke helps make your hair smoother and frizz free!

Katria’s Review

When Eline handed me both the shampoo and conditioner to try, my instant thoughts were:  “QUINOA??? IN SHAMPOO?? WHAT???” If this is not something you’ve heard of either, I’m just as baffled as you are. Trust me. Quinoa is becoming hugely popular day by day, and after washing my hair with both these products, I had opted to eat quinoa with rice for dinner. The irony. I was slightly apprehensive to try these products, mainly due to my incident with the Green People’s Lemongrass & Ginger Lotion, which I didn’t like at all. However, I was quite blown away by both of these products. They have a very refreshing scent, foam up nicely in the shower and leave your hair silky smooth and soft as can be!

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