Lavera Organic Credentials

Lavera products carry the Natrue certification label. You can read more about Natrue here.

Rebecca’s Review

I have long hair, and I have a lot of it! I think that oils and deep conditioning treatments are the way forward for my hair and as a result, I always make time for at least one treatment a week! It’s been so long since I cut my hair I can’t remember, but my ends don’t look dry or thin. I keep thinking to get a style cut into my hair, but to be honest I love my long hair so it’s not too much of a priority. I should probably go for a trim soon though!

The instructions say apply 1-2 pumps of Lavera Natural Hair Shine Oil to hair depending on length, but my hair is so long and thick that I need about 4 pumps to get anywhere near enough product! I’ve used this before washing my hair as an intensive conditioning treatment, leaving on for at least an hour and in some instances even overnight before shampooing. When shampooing I always use a clarifying or volumising shampoo as these formulas are better at rinsing all the oil away without leaving build up.

I also have used after towel-drying my hair, either before heat-styling or before scrunching with sea salt spray to create loose waves and volume. For the former, it helps seal the cuticle and protect from the heat.

Eline’s Review

I must admit I was a bit reluctant to try the Lavera hair oil because it’s supposed to give your hair a natural shine. For me, that usually means making my hair greasy, but as opposed to most hair oils this one didn’t make my hair look greasy at all. I only used two small pumps to massage the ends of my hair. It also helped to keep my top locks and little flyaways in place.

Something I have yet to try it another use of the hair oil which is mentioned on the Lavera website. You can work the oil into the lower ends of your hair and then wrap cling film – Yes, cling film! But a disposable shower cap will also do the trick – around your head to get the full caring effect of the hair oil. If you go to bed doing this, after also wrapping a towel turban around your head, and washing and thoroughly rinsing your hair in the morning, you’ll experience the true definition of beauty sleep!

Katria’s Review

Judging by the scent of this product this is definitely something I would buy from the store. I have quite a few beauty and skincare products at home which are either coconut, almond, vanilla or macadamia scented. I can’t get enough of buying products with nutty and warm scents, so it’s no surprise that I would love the smell of this Lavera Oil. I wanted to really like this product but after massaging two pumps into my hair, I was left with a little bit of a greasy mess, which of course I found off-putting and disappointing. However, the next day after the oil had taken its time to absorb, my hair was super soft and stayed that way until I next washed my hair. Other than the greasiness, which is not something that anyone wants, I’m uncertain whether I would use this product again. Although it made my hair soft and silky, and the smell is delicious, I don’t think I could put up with the greasiness!

Lavera Natural Shine Hair Oil £8.95