Bentley Organic Moisturising Hand Sanitizer Organic Credentials

Bentley Organic Moisturising Hand Sanitizer is certified organic by the Soil Association, and has 90% organic ingredients. The standard set by the Soil Association is that at least 70% of a beauty product’s non-water ingredients must be organically grown and harvested. As well as this the ingredients must be sustainable, not use pesticides (of course), any extracts extracted without chemical solvents, all non-organic ingredients must have a non-GM certificate and pass strict toxicity and biodegradability criteria, must not contain any nanoparticles or irritating or potentially toxic chemicals, and manufacturers must pass an annual inspection and keep detailed production records.

Rebecca’s Review

I was really late to the party with this hand sanitiser. I love the Dr Bronner Hand Sanitiser, but its main ingredient is alcohol, which can be drying on the hands. This one from Bentley Organic is alcohol free. I pulled it out of my handbag the other day, and my MUA friend said “I’ve got that in my kit, it’s a great product”.

I like the soft citrus scent coupled with aloe vera and the product is light and easily absorbed which makes it handy to use (pardon the pun) when you’re in a rush, and also with kids. What’s perhaps most impressive is that this product is alcohol free and it kills 99.9% of germs, go team natural! Having looked at the ingredients, I can see it contains grapefruit, which is a powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredient.

Eline’s Review

There’s really not that much you can say about hand sanitisers and even though a lot of people use them, they aren’t usually very picky or opinionated about them. However, it must be said that this Bentley Organic hand sanitiser truly is something I would specifically and highly recommend and not just because it’s organic (which is just a lucky bonus for me).
I really like the smell, it’s so fresh and fruity! The product also works as a moisturiser and therefore not only cleans your hands but also nourishes them. The sanitiser easily absorbs and there is no alcohol in it so it doesn’t dry out your hands.

Katria’s Review

I find hand sanitisers to be very drying and that’s not great when you’re an eczema sufferer like myself. I especially get my most worse cases of eczema on my hands, so I have to to be extra careful with what kind of products I use in that area. Due to there being no alcohol in the Bentley Organic Hand Sanitiser this is not the case. Its very gentle on the skin, and doesn’t sting any small cuts that you may have on the hands. I didn’t find that the hand sanitiser had any specific smell, which I really like as well. Living in a massive city and commuting on public transport almost daily, you’re bound to bump into germs that you didn’t even know exist. This is definitely a product I would carry around with me, and the plus side is that because it’s so gentle and soothing I don’t need to worry about my eczema flaring up!

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