Antipodes Heavenly Body Oil Organic Credentials

Antipodes Heavenly Body Oil carries the Asurequality Certified Organic logo. To be certified organic by Asurequality, the ingredients have to be a minimum of 95% organic. On the Heavenly Body Oil box, we can clearly read 100% of ingredients are from natural origin and 96% of ingredients are from organic cultivation.
There is another slightly lower organic standard, just like with NFCC and USDA. When the product has 70-95% ingredients the word organic may be used on packaging, in statements like “made with organic ingredients” as long as there is a clear statement of the proportion of the organic ingredients.

Rebecca’s Review

This was one of the products I reluctantly handed over to the team for their reviews! It’s become part of my beauty regimen, even though I’m quite late to the party on this product. It’s been around for yonks, but I always think of Antipodes as a skincare range over body care. However, after trying the hand & body cream trio of Joyful, Jubilation and Delight and loving them all, I decided to give the body oil a go. Was I glad I did!
I love everything about this body oil; how easily absorbed it is, how nourished my skin feels, and also the fragrance. There’s a nuttiness brought to the product by the avocado and macadamia, an earthiness from the rosehip oil, all brought together by the gorgeous essential oil blend of jasmine, lavender and ylang-ylang; just divine!
I always apply body oils just out of the bath or shower to slightly damp skin, as I find this the most convenient time and the product is also more easily absorbed by the skin.

Eline’s Review

I quite like the macadamia nut oil, but in combination with the avocado oil, jasmine, lavender and ylang-ylang this Antipodes Heavenly Body Oil just smells too earthy for me. The oil does absorb very easily and leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished, but I have no problem with giving the product back to Rebecca.
Since this is the only Antipodes product we’re reviewing this month, I do feel I should mention how much I love the packaging. The bottles, jars and tubes all look very elegant and inviting. Their Hand & Body Creams look so sleek and refined and would make for perfect gifts, no need to wrap them!
Although the Body Oil didn’t exactly make me feel like I was in heaven, I’m still very curious about some of the other Antipodes products. Especially the Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream looks very promising!

Katria’s Review

I’ve seen a lot of Antipodes products floating around in the past, it’s most certainly a favourite amongst many and this had been my first time trying anything from their range. I love the combination of notes: macadamia nut oil, lavender and ylang-ylang. It smells earthy and warm, which is perfect for this time of year.
I found this oil very light and soothing. It’s extremely quick when sinking into the skin, and you don’t need to wait a minimum amount of time to wait for the product to absorb. However, I didn’t find this heavenly oil nourishing or moisturising. It smells great, but it had no effect on me. I would love to try some of their other products though!