Organic September: AEOS Unfragranced Skin Replenisher Rich+ Cream

Organic Credentials

AEOS stands for Activated Energised Organic Skincare, what’s not to love about the sound of that! Whilst not certified organic, the brand grow as many ingredients as they can at their biodynamic and Demeter certified Shire Farm, to ensure the purest and most powerful formulas. Any other ingredients are sourced globally from organic and biodynamic farms that cultivate in-line with the brand’s principles.
They know that plants grown in this way are more resilient and potent, have more vitality and therefore a profoundly positive effect on the raw materials extracted from them.

We believe these high standards of farming are just as noble as going through a certification process which is why we included them this Organic September.

Rebecca’s Review  

“This rich cream from AEOS is seriously potent. Extremely rich and best used sparingly for a smidgen really does go a long, long way! This is the richest of creams, and whilst it is un-fragranced, it is rose-scented. The brand has their own biodynamic farm, and the spelt germ extract that makes up 25% of this product is grown there.
I haven’t really used this as a day cream for face, because it does take a while to absorb, but I have utilised as a night cream, it creates a lovely dewy freshness come morning. It’s also a great body cream for using after the bath or shower whilst skin is still damp. It’s also a good nighttime treatment for hands, especially if you have a pair of these Spa Moisturising Gloves – just apply cream and pop them on before bedtime and wake up to soft and rejuvenated hands!

Eline’s Review

“I’m learning so much about organic products this Organic September! I used this cream after washing and cleansing my face with water and then dabbing it dry just a little bit. It’s advised to use this cream while your skin is still moist and I’ve noticed that it’s really easy to moisturise your whole face with just a small amount of cream. I used this cream as both a day and a night cream and in my case, it didn’t take that long to absorb. The cream gave me an instantly fresh and healthy glow without making my face look greasy.
I’m quite price-conscious and this cream isn’t cheap, but you really don’t need much of the cream for it to work its magic. Well worth the investment, I would say!”

Katria’s Review

“I’m not sure why, but when first opening the container I thought the product smells very much like lychees, which I love. I applied about a pea sized amount to my face in the morning as a day cream and was instantly hit with the strong rose fragrance. It smells a lot more subtle in the jar than it does on the face which was quite off-putting. The cream itself looks almost like a thick custard, especially because of its yellow colour. Unlike both Rebecca and Eline, I feel like this product did nothing for me. You get a lot of product and don’t need a large amount but throughout the day I realised that my skin began to look dull and quite worn. The price for this moisturiser is way beyond my budget and quite ridiculous. I would never consider spending that much on a beauty product, especially if it doesn’t work.”

Unfragranced Skin Replenisher Rich+ Cream from AEOS

Happy Organic September everyone!