S. W. Basics of Brooklyn Organic Credentials

S. W. Basics of Brooklyn are all about keeping things simple. All their formula utilise five or less organic ingredients. The cream is made with shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil. The body scrub also has three ingredients: sugar, coconut oil and shredded coconut.
S. W. Basics of Brooklyn is USDA certified organic.

Rebecca’s Review

When I first started reviewing the S. W. Basics of Brooklyn Cream, I would never have thought to utilise it as a face moisturiser. Whilst I do use coconut oil as a moisturiser when travelling light, I wouldn’t have thought shea butter would agree with my skin; wouldn’t it be too heavy and cloying? Well, this product works on both my body and face but is quite rich. I wouldn’t use it on my face as a day cream as it does take a while to sink in. It’s my preference to use at night so that the butter and oil blend has a chance to sink into my skin.
As a body cream however it’s great. As ever, I prefer to use when just out of the shower or bath so that my skin absorbs it better. I’m not wild about the scent of shea butter, so I would like to see some essential oils in here, but that would be against S W Basics of Brooklyn’s ethos!

As for the body scrub, I love it! So simple yet so effective. On the label it says “it’s like dessert for your skin” and they’re right. It smells so delicious you just want to eat it. I tried a little bit (after all it’s all food ingredients) and it tastes as good as it smells (not often the case with beauty products!)
To use, I simply massage into damp skin in the shower, massaging well into the skin, then rinse away any remaining sugar and shredded coconut pieces. The scrub leaves a light scent on the skin, and as always the scent of coconut is synonymous. This scrub can transport me away in seconds!

Eline’s Review

The S.W. Basics of Brooklyn shea butter cream is very thick and not that easy to apply, so I would suggest using it on slightly damp skin (like after a bath or shower).
I don’t particularly like or dislike this product, but it is a very rich cream, making it perfect for dry areas such as elbows and knees. This cream is also great as a face moisturiser, but since I myself am not a big fan of the scent, I only used it a couple of times and always in the evening. I prefer either more neutral or citrus fragranced moisturisers, so I don’t think I could stand the smell of this cream all day long.

I do, however, absolutely love the smell of the S.W. Basics Body Scrub. The first time I used this product, it just made me hungry and it left me craving coconut macaroons. Because that is exactly what this body scrub smells like. And this really makes sense when you look at the ingredients: sugar, coconut oil and shredded coconut. And although I was really excited about this scrub at first, I also realised that this could just as easily have been something that I made myself so £25 seemed a bit too overpriced.
That said, the scrub itself is amazing. I like my body scrubs quite harsh and grainy and this one is especially great as a foot scrub as well.

Katria’s Review

The S. W. Basics of Brooklyn Cream smells almost like playdough or clay. It’s fragrance is not appealing at all, and because of this, I find it hard to even comprehend using. I feel as if S. W. Basics added just one more ingredient to this cream, such as a soothing essential oil like rose or lavender this would be a total winner. All three ingredients are very rich and extremely nourishing by themselves, which made me worry slightly as combining them all could be way too overpowering. I was proved wrong and found that the combination of ingredients were very moisturising, a bit sticky when first applying but no oiliness or grease. I find this would be better to use after a bath or shower. I do like this cream, but it’s such a disappointment that it smells so bad!!!

Just like the other, I felt completely different about the body scrub. Mmm, as Rebecca said, it smells divine! Due to the size of the sugar granules, this scrub is a little tough on the skin, but the coconut oil gives a fantastic moisturising effect straight after scrubbing. I actually found that this worked most effectively on my feet rather than anywhere else, and after coming out of the shower my skin felt and smelt great! I would most definitely use this again. Although, I do feel that the ingredients of the product are so easy and accessible to find that you wouldn’t need to purchase this, and instead could make this at home for probably half of the price, or even less. But if you’re someone who’s new to the organic and natural beauty product scene, or don’t have enough time to whip something up then definitely opt for this. You won’t be disappointed!

S. W. Basics of Brooklyn Cream £34.95 on abeautifulworld.co.uk

S. W. Basics of Brooklyn Body Scrub £24.95 on abeautifulworld.co.uk