Badger Hair Oils Organic Credentials

Badger products are all USDA certified organic, which means the formulas have to be at least 95% organic.

Rebecca’s Review

Hair oil has been something I have always done. I remember as a child I used to use hot oil treatments to help counteract the drying effect of chlorinated pools on hair. Nowadays, living in the city I try to give my hair a weekly treatment with a hair oil. I leave this on either for at least an hour, or preferably overnight.
I tried the antioxidant hair oil, as I don’t really have a dry scalp and my hair’s not too dry or damaged.  I love the fragrance; lavender, sweet orange and geranium, the latter two dominating. I used a clarifying shampoo after and my hair was left really soft, detangled and manageable.

Eline’s Review

These Badger hair oils are best suited for very dry hair or when you have a dry or itching scalp, but you can pretty much use them on all hair types for a weekly treatment. Because these hair oils tend to make your hair quite greasy, it’s best to use them as an overnight treatment and wash your hair the next morning. That way you can still benefit from the soothing and moisturising effects, without having greasy hair all day long.
What I did, was use the Seabuckthorn Antioxidant hair oil in the morning, because I can’t sleep with a towel wrapped around my head. I let it soak in for about an hour while I had breakfast and did some house chores. I then washed my hair with my daily shampoo and to my surprise I didn’t even feel the need to use a conditioner or hair mask. My hair already felt soft and smooth. I would normally use a conditioner to detangle my hair, but the pre-shampoo treatment with the hair oil took care of that!
As for the scent of these Badger hair oils, it’s amazing. The Seabuckthorn Antioxidant hair oil with apricot and pomegranate is very fresh and I also love the vibrant orange colour. The Jojoba Herbal hair oil smells a bit more earthy, but in this case that doesn’t bother me at all! The lavender and peppermint are a perfect addition to the combination of rosemary and tea tree.

Katria’s Review

I absolutely love Badger products. Their balms are amazing, each and every one of their products have glorious fragrances. The Badger Hair Oils have been recently introduced into the the world of Badger but sadly, I was very disappointed. Both the seabuckthorn and jojoba oils have inviting scents, but unfortunately neither of them worked for my hair. I’ve noticed that with Badger products, their scents are not as long lasting as I would like them to be, which is such a shame because they smell so gorgeous.
Whilst massaging both oils into the ends of my hair, I noticed an instant shine, and not the good kind. Even using a few drops, the ends of my hair had become instantly greasy, perfect if you have dry hair but I do not. I still love Badger but I won’t be using their hair oils again, just their balms!

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