Lucy Annabella Organics Bath Milks & Treatment Oils Organic Credentials

Lucy Annabella Organics has “organic” in the name, but as you may know this can mean nothing in the beauty world! Fortunately, this is not the case with Lucy Annabella, as Lucy Annabella Organics is certified by the Soil Association. The bath milks have 96% organic ingredients in them, which is quite impressive. The organic treatment oils even have 100% organic ingredients in them, which is just incredible!

Lucy Annabella Organics Cloud Nine, Time Out and Date Night Bath Milks

Rebecca’s Review

I love Lucy Annabella Organics products, they are just so luxurious and feel like a real treat. Founder Colleen Harte is also a gem, and I love catching up with her whenever she is in town (although I think we are overdue a meet, thinking about it!).

The bath milks are beautifully scented, and you only need a small amount to fill the bath water with skin-softening glycerin, argan oil and coconut oil, and to fill the bath and the bathroom, nay even the whole flat, with the gorgeous blends of essential oils Colleen has created. The instructions say to swirl a small amount under the hot tap, I can vouch that you really only need a small amount. As a marker, I use a capful or two and that more than suffices. At £43 for a bottle, it’s not the cheapest of products, but with only a small amount needed I think the product will last for at least 12 baths.

It’s difficult for me to pick a favourite, as I go to different fragrances depending on my mood. The two that stand out the most for me are Date Night Organic Bath Milk, which is a sensual blend of patchouli, ylang ylang, nutmeg, palmarosa and mandarin; and Time Out, which is an incredibly aromatic blend of cypress, orange, juniper berry, geranium, marjoram and chamomile.
The fragrance does stay on your skin for a while after the bath, but not in an overpowering way, just in an alluring sexy skin kind of way! On that note, I’m off for my Time Out Bath, the essential oils are calling me from the front room!

Eline’s Review

The packaging alone made me instantly fall in love with these bath milks. The bottles are so elegant and pretty. However, luxury has its price. These Lucy Annabella bath milks cost £43 apiece, which at first seemed a bit much. But I quickly realised they were worth every penny!
Not only do these products look great, they also smell great. Just like Rebecca said, the scent of the bath milk filled my whole flat and it is quite long lasting as well.
I especially like the Cloud Nine Bath Milk with its citrus blend of lemongrass, orange, lime and spearmint organic essential oils. It’s so refreshing and reviving and you really do feel like you’re on cloud nine!
Sadly – as I’ve mentioned before – I don’t really like taking long baths. However, Lucy Annabella also have a Lemongrass & Spearmint Candle which I’m adding to my Christmas wish list right now!

Katria’s Review

The Lucy Annabella Treatment Oils were such a pleasure to use, so I was expecting wonders with the Bath Milk. Date Night is my favourite, and if you’re actually preparing for a date opt for this, it’s gorgeous fragrance will ease your mind!

All three Baths Milks smell quite overpowering if you sniff them straight from the bottle, but once swirled into the bath, the aroma becomes delicate and light. I used only a small amount and watched the water go cloudy. Using a bath milk is somewhat theraputic, like adding actual milk into your tea and watching both liquids combine. Am I the only one who gets this?
The Lucy Annabella Bath Milks make your skin smooth and super soft, soothe aching muscles, relieve stress and help you feel relaxed. There’s nothing more or less that I can say about these products other than I really love them, I wish I had the Treatment oils at the time to top of my relaxing bath! Absolute bliss!

Lucy Annabella Organics Bath Milks £43

Lucy Annabella Organics Argan & Frankincense and Argan & Bergamot Treatment Oils

Rebecca’s Review

Just like the Lucy Annabella Bath Milks, using these oils always seems like such a treat! I do tend to use them after a bath with the bath milk, but I have also tried on normal skin. They are like dry oils, really easily absorbed and the scent remains for a while but is not overwhelming or overpowering!
The bottle has a semi-stopper which means the mouth of the bottle isn’t as open as it would be without it. It’s in effect a stopper with a hole in the middle. This serves good purpose, as with some other body oils I have a tendency to be a bit overzealous with my release of oil onto my skin!
Between the Argan & Bergamot and Argan & Frankincense Treatment Oils I just can’t make a decision! They are both so lush! You can smell the nuttiness of the argan oil, and the bergamot is blended with lemon, lavender, cypress and rosemary; and the frankincense has lavender, rosemary, geranium and chamomile. Both so luxurious to smell and feel on the skin!
Again like the bath milks they are quite expensive, at £38/£42 a bottle, but they are very long lasting as you only need a small amount per application. Plus, did I mention the fragrances?!

Eline’s Review

These oils are very warming, both to your skin and to your mood! There have been many products with bergamot over the course of our Organic September blogs. I have loved every single one of them and the Lucy Annabella Argan & Bergamot Treatment Oil is no different!
Just like Melvita’s Extraordinary Oil these Lucy Annabella oil are more like dry oils, which means they absorb a lot quicker than many other oils and still leave your skin soft and properly nourished.
What’s even more amazing is that these oils are made with 100% organic ingredients and it really can’t get any better than that! I just want to say congratulations and thank you to Colleen Harte for having founded this amazing brand!

Katria’s Review

I couldn’t agree more with Rebecca and Eline. The fragrance of both these oils are so dreamy and long-lasting on the skin. After taking a bath or shower I would apply one of the Lucy Annabella oils all over my body and the product would sink in straight away. I equally love the fragrances of both oils, frankincense and bergamot are some of my favourite scents. The smells are very inviting, and warm, perfect for a cold morning or tiring evening.

They’re quite expensive products, but I feel that both oils go a long way, you get a lot and don’t need much.

The treatment oils absorb very quickly, are light and not greasy at all, and work best after a bath or shower. These are great alternatives to a cream moisturiser, and I found that they helped soothe aching muscles and helped with stress. No complaints from me, I would definitely purchase these!

Lucy Annabella Organics Treatment Oils £40-42