Organic September: Spiezia Made for Life Floral Skin Toner

Spiezia Made for Life Organic Credentials

In 1999, Spiezia Organics was the first UK company to achieve 100% organic certification across the entire Spiezia Organics range of products from the Soil Association. Spiezia continue to work closely with the Soil Association to help create and enforce accreditation for beauty products.


Rebecca’s Review

“I am a huge fan of Spiezia Organics products, you can read more of my reviews here. This toner is a beautiful blend of lavender water and oil, chamomile water, sage water and oil, and chamomile water. Open the bottle up and you are hit by a fresh scent of lavender and sage. This is a lovely toner, I’ve been using with a cotton pad post-cleansing to ensure all traces of my cleanser are removed, and in the evening the remains of the day too! I’ve also been using on two cooled cotton pads placed over my eyes during my weekly facial at home, it really helps set the scene and aid relaxation.”

Eline’s Review

“The scent of this toner is quite strong and I thought my face wouldn’t agree with this product, just like my nose hadn’t. But after using it my face felt so clean I didn’t care about the scent anymore! And on second thought, it wasn’t that bad either, but sniffing directly from the bottle maybe wasn’t the best idea. Also, you have to shake well before use and that made quite a big difference.
What’s so great about this toner is that it not only cleaned my face of all the chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis, but it also sort of lifted the weight off my shoulders after a long working day. You can use this product any time during the day whenever you’re feeling a bit icky and sticky or when you just need a little pick-me-up.”

Katria’s Review

“Like Eline mentioned smelling this product from the bottle is a no-go. It has an almost medicated scent to it, as if it should be some sort of cough syrup or a disinfectant to wipe on cuts. However, when using on the face the scent is much more subtle and quite lovely. I found that this product was very fresh and gentle, and left my skin looking clean and healthy.”


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