K pour Karite Organic Credentials

K pour Karite is certified by EcoCert and carries the Eco Cosmetique Charte Cosmebio. To be certified by the latter, companies must: provide finished products containing natural ingredients or of natural origin primarily from Organic Agriculture; not use raw materials and preservatives subject to environmental or health controversies; ensure processes of clean production; ensure products controlled by an independent certification body on the basis of a specification recognised (this is where EcoCert comes in!); inform consumers in a clear and objective way.
K pour Karite Hair Nectar 48.8% is certified to contain 50.1% organic ingredients and 100% natural ingredients.

Rebecca’s Review

“I’m always pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of ginger in hair care products, my latest loves from Green People also have a ginger hit! There are several ways to utilise this product, and I’ve tried them all. I’m always protecting my hair when I go in the sun, I usually use coconut oil but this is a great product for the job as it’s consistency (it comes out of the bottle a liquid) is instantly workable. As an overnight treatment, I work it into my hair, plait then leave it in overnight. In the morning shampoo and condition as normal. Finally, you can add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner. I tend to add to my conditioner as it makes more sense to me (plus I leave my conditioner on for a few minutes before rinsing).
Living in the city, I am always conscious of the effects our environment has on our skin and hair, and as I get older I turn more and more to oils for hair, skin and body! The best way to protect and nourish our whole selves!”

Eline’s Review

“I’m not quite sure what to think of this product. It’s meant to be used on dry or dehydrated hair and most particularly on very thick and frizzy hair. And that right there is the problem: I don’t have thick or frizzy hair, which explains why this product just seemed to make my hair greasy.
You can also use this oil on your skin and I like this usage a lot better. It’s very moisturising without being sticky and it’s easily absorbed, giving your skin an instant softness.”

Katria’s Review

“I love love love the smell of lavender. Rubbing this product into the ends of my hair transported me back to when I was a lot younger, and my Mother would put essential Lavender oil in my hair to help me sleep. This product is very moisturising but quite greasy. You only need a little in your hair otherwise you might end up with a sticky mess. I personally wouldn’t purchase this product, as I wasn’t too keen, the smell is what makes me want to use it!”

K pour Karité Absolu Nectar from Carethy