Saaf Organic Enriching Hair Oil Organic Credentials

Saaf Organics are certified organic by the UK Soil Association. You can read more about the here. The range is also Vegan Registered by The Vegan Society, Vegetarian Approved by The Vegetarian Society, Certified Cruelty Free by Cruelty Free International and Halal Approved by The Halal Authority Board.


Rebecca’s Review

“Saaf Organic Enriching Hair Oil has a dominating scent I love- ylang-ylang, which makes it all the more pleasant for me to use. I was surprised to see this oil recommended for daily conditioning of the scalp, and whilst there was no direction for use on damp or dry hair, I decided to try on dry hair (as most people don’t wash their hair every day!) There are herbal extracts of rosemary and bay, which stimulate blood flow to the scalp, bringing nutrients to the hair follicle with it. My main concern was that if I wasn’t rinsing the oil out it would leave an oily or greasy residue on my roots. To my surprise, it didn’t. My roots tend to get greasy and having a lot of hair I have to rinse out natural and organic conditioners for yonks to ensure I don’t have manky looking hair due to product remaining on my hair!
I try to use a hair oil once a week, applying generously all over and then either wrapping my head in a hot towel for at least half an hour or plaiting and leaving overnight. This is the other suggested use for the hair oil, well to apply generously, wrap in hair towel and leave for 20 minutes. For me, regular use of a hair oil treatment means smoother hair (with less split ends), more manageable and added shine.

Eline’s Review

“As opposed to Rebecca I’m not a big fan of the ylang-ylang scent, especially in combination with sesame oil and black mustard seed oil. It smelled a bit fishy and I mean that literally: as if I was using fish oil on my hair. And though I like to use it in the kitchen, I wouldn’t exactly want to use it in my bathroom.
I do quite like hair oils, as long as they smell nice and don’t make my hair greasier than it is. Sadly, I didn’t like the scent of this product and on top of that, it made my hair look a bit greasy. Though since Rebecca and Katria really liked this product, I’m thinking the product isn’t the problem, but my hair length might be.
I used to have very long hair, although I also used to have short hair, it just grows very fast. I regularly chop it all off, like every 3 years or so, and right now my hair is cut to just above my shoulders. It’s quite healthy-looking now, but when it was a lot longer, my hair used to be a lot drier which meant I used a hair oil about two times a week after washing it. If I didn’t do that, my hair would get very frizzy. So, how about I let my hair grow until I can make a proper fishtail braid again and then I’ll really let you know what it does for my hair!”

Katria’s Review

“Oils can be quite terrifying if you’ve never included them into your beauty regime before. I know that many people think rubbing various oils into your skin or hair may lead to well.. oiliness, grease and breakouts. I’m still a bit apprehensive to try new oils, with the fear that they’ll be a little bit too much for my skin or hair to take in. Although, that being said, I like to use a lot of oils at home and conjure up my own beauty products now and again.
When applying a very petite amount of the Saaf Organics Hair Enriching Oil to the ends of my hair, there was instant shine and softness. The smell is quite oriental, and that’s most likely because of the ylang-ylang and sesame oil. For the retail price of £19.99, I think that’s a good bargain, especially with the amount of product you get and the small amount you need. However, there are probably much cheaper alternatives to use. If you want a product in a luxurious bottle to sit nicely on your dressing table, opt for this. It does its job without being greasy or sticky, so what’s not to like?”

Saaf Organic Enriching Hair Oil