Trilogy Cream Cleanser – I love the almond scent and the weight of the cream, it’s not too heavy and is extremely easy to remove, either with running water or tissue.

There’s also evening primrose, jojoba and rosehip oils which help cleanse, and carrot and almond oils to soothe and nourish skin. It’s funny that there should be carrot oil in there as my male friend who works in the industry said only this week: “your skin is seriously glowing, you must have been using carrot seed oil”! At the time, I said no it must be the coconut oil but now I can tell him there was some… in my cleanser!

Madara Micellar Water – I love this product as a cleanser and/or a toner! So easy to use, and great for when you are travelling. It features hyaluronic acid, which means it delivers excellent hydration to the skin, along with aloe vera and damask rose. This micellar water has a “clean” fragrance, from the aloe vera.

Antipodes Hosanna H2O Skin-Plumping Serum – This has become my go-to serum from the Antipodes collection. When I finished this bottle my skin felt noticeably drier after a couple of days of not using it.

It’s a water-based lightweight serum. I love the fragrance of rose and ccardamom- so beautiful! The serum is certified organic and contains antioxidant Vinanza Grape extract from sauvignon blanc grapes, mamaku black fern to encourage faster cell renewal and a base of lavender water and waiwera artesian water.

If you have dry, dehydrated skin, give this product a go. I met Deborah the skincare expert from Antipodes last month, and she said that one customer gave feedback on how this product plumps her skin so much it minimises her lines instantly. I’ve not seen this in my skin, but I love how it feels and smells, and how it makes my skin feel!

Kimberly Sayer Deep Cleansing French Clay Mask – this mask works miracles when it comes to brightening the skin, refines pores plus leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. It contains French Green Clay which is rich in minerals.

Kaeng Raeng Detoxfoliant Body Scrub – This scrub smells incredible, thanks to its vanilla and lavender fragrance. As well as Himalayan pink salt (which give the product a great colour) and Dead Sea salt, there’s organic shea butter and apricot oil to nourish skin and give it a glow. I love how the scrub melts and how the oils feel on the skin, they leave it nourished and silky smooth.

The Beautiful Mind Series Volume II – Precision & Grace This was a massive hit with both me and Mr BB – in terms of us both wearing it! I adore the packaging; on the one side you have the name of the scent but on the other is a geometric design that is eye-catching and looks so pretty on one’s dressing table.

The inspiration for this perfume, created by nose Geza Schoen, is “what goes on in the mind of a great dancer while she’s dancing”. It was created in collaboration with internationally-fêted ballet dancer Polina Semianova.

This is a complex scent with a beautiful balance of uplifting, fruity and powdery floral notes. The unusual top not of Williams pear offers a crisp greenness which gives way to heart notes of Egyptian jasmine, plum, freesia, mimosa and osmanthus – a white blossom with an apricot aroma. The base notes are a sultry combination of musk, moss, myrrh, sandalwood and amber.

This is definitely marketed towards women, “to appeal to real women of substance” however the base notes make it an appropriate scent for men too, and even the bottle on the patterned side would not look out of place on a man’s grooming shelf!

Yogandha Ground Roller Ball – Sandalwood & Frankincense (for the muladhara (base) chakra), designed to alleviate stress. November was a hard month for various reasons, and I really took comfort in this aromatherapeutic blend of sandalwood and frankincense, two of my favourite fragrances.

Natura Siberica Coloured & Damaged Hair Shampoo – I’ve been a fan of Natura Siberica hair care ever since I was introduced to the brand in Paris. I love their laminating line – read more here. This shampoo smells incredible, bursting full of berry flavour, and leaves hair nourished and manageable thanks to its selection natural ingredients including Siberian pine oil, rhodiola, beeswax and sea buckthorn oil. I don’t have coloured or damaged hair, but this shampoo worked a treat!