October saw a little get away for me for some sun before winter sets in. It’s been such a busy year full of big changes and advancements business wise, so the break was greatly needed! I always find holidays or even a change of scenery a great time to compartmentalise everything, plan and, perhaps most importantly as a creative, have ideas! I will be sharing with you the plans and ideas going forward, but in the meantime watch this space and read on to find out my October beauty favourites.

A sun holiday in September/October/November time has become a commonplace thing for us the past few years, which means I have to take care of my skin when away. This is also of course the time when our seasons change; the temperature and humidity drops outside, so to  must we adapt our skin and hair care regime to suit.

Our skin is going to need more moisture, and if you’re outdoors a lot quite possibly some kind of barrier cream to protect and help retain moisture. Our hair can be a bit dried out after the summer sun, and the cold elements outside coupled with the central heating indoors can leave our hair prone to frizziness and unruliness. Read my October hair care favourites here.

For my skin, I’ve recently discovered Trilogy Cream Cleanser. I love the almond scent and the weight of the cream, it’s not too heavy and is extremely easy to remove, either with running water or tissue.

There’s also evening primrose, jojoba and rosehip oils which help cleanse, and carrot and almond oils to soothe and nourish skin. It’s funny that there should be carrot oil in there as my male friend who works in the industry said only this week: “your skin is seriously glowing, you must have been using carrot seed oil”! At the time, I said no it must be the coconut oil but now I can tell him there was some… in my cleanser!

For extra hydration I’ve been turning to Antipodes Hosanna H2O Skin-Plumping Serum. It’s one of the last products I’ve tried from the Antipodes range, and it’s quickly rising the ranks of my favourite Antipodes products!

It’s a water-based lightweight serum. I love the fragrance of rose and cardamon, so beautiful! The serum is certified organic, and contains antioxidant Vinanza Grape extract from sauvignon blanc grapes, mamaku black fern to encourage faster cell renewal and a base of lavender water and waiwera artesian water.

If you have dry, dehydrated skin, give this product a go. I met Deborah the skincare expert from Antipodes last month, and she said that one customer gave feedback of how this product plumps her skin so much it minimises her lines instantly. I’ve not seen this in my skin, but I love how it feels and smells, and how it makes my skin feel!

Kaeng Raeng is a US brand, watch out for my brand post coming on this range soon. To accompany the Hosanna Serum from Antipodes, I’ve been using the Kaeng Raeng After Glow Moisturising Facial Serum.

It’s called a serum, but in fact it’s an oil blend. There’s grapeseed, jojoba, rosehip, argan, lavender, neroli and frankincense oils and rosemary antioxidant. I love the neroli fragrance! The oil blend takes a while to be absorbed by the skin, so if you’re in a hurry in the mornings it may be best to wait till the evening to use this product.

Sadly UK readers will have to wait for the product to reach our shores, but do keep your eyes peeled for UK launch in 2017!