Warning: those who don’t like zingy fresh herby and spicy scents may not enjoy this selection of products! But don’t worry, Siam Botanicals still have other options for you, such as Jasmine, Rose & Ylang Ylang blend.

I have a diverse range of fragrance preferences and I definitely choose the fragrance of products I use to suit my mood! The set of products I was sent from Siam Botanicals are definitely ones I would reach for on cold winter mornings; the spicy blends are instantly warming and mood enhancing.

Siam Botanicals offer 100% natural products made in Thailand, where the brand works with local suppliers wherever possible. The range is free from synthetic chemicals, fillers and artificial colours and fragrances. Something else I love about the brand: the products are packaged in glass!

But onto the products, first up Biteable Best of Beauty 2016 best body oil award went to….

Siam Botanicals Lemongrass & Ginger Skin Conditioner


This oil contains 4 base oils: jojoba (similar to skin’s sebum), sweet almond (rich in vitamin E), grapeseed (rich in antioxidants) and sesame (rich in linoleic acid, which gives anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and antioxidants).

There’s an ingredient in here that I didn’t recognise: plai root extract. It’s from the same family as ginger, but considered more potent. It contains very high levels of perpinine-4ol, the component of tea tree oil that gives its antimicrobial properties. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Plai brings something different to the fragrance of the product; it’s like a deeper ginger scent, with green eucalyptus and peppery notes. This blends with lemongrass and ginger, the other two fragrant essential oils in the mix, and creates an uplifting aroma with depth.

This oil is great for early starts, and also for self-massaging legs at the end of a long day. The directions say the oil is best used on slightly damp skin post shower or bath, but I’ve also used on dry skin just fine. It just takes a while longer to work into the skin.

Siam Botanicals Argan & Moringa Face Polish


This is a just how a facial polish should be in my opinion, soft, oily and with extra fine exfoliating particles of jojoba wax beads. These are soft never scratchy and melt into the skin. The base oils are organic argan and moringa, and for extra antioxidant measure there’s buriti oil which possesses powerful anti-ageing properties. The combination of juniper, rosemary, patchouli and grapefruit essential oils for the fragrance sounds unusual on paper, but upon opening the jar your nose will tell you that it works!

I’ve been using this in conjunction with the third and final review product……

Siam Botanicals Rudis Oleum Replenish Formula


This is a great follow-on face serum to the face polish, as it contains the same two base oils, moringa and argan. Siam Botanicals recommend it for tired or stressed skin; I’ve used the products in both summer, when I am out in the sun a lot,  and winter, when my skin tends to feel dry, months, and it seems to suit my skin whatever the weather and whatever my skin’s needs.

There’s an arsenal of oils in this product, should that be an arsen-oil?! Besides the moringa and argan, there’s rice bran oil (which contains over 200 antioxidants), grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, and rosemary and lemongrass essential oils. These two essential oils combine to not only create a fragrant product but also offer antibacterial and astringent properties. If you’re prone to breakouts, this could be a great face serum for you to try.