There’s a certain charm about the packaging of Okko Skincare. They are posh push-up cardboard tubes that scream eco and natural but they are done very well. These tubes are also very practical, with minimal waste and compostable, biodegradable and recyclable!

Balms are Okko’s speciality, and Anne-Doreen very kindly sent me three products to review. One for the face, one for the body and one for my feet. A decent balm is a brilliant asset to any beauty collection in my opinion, and these ones are no exception.

The balms utilise a great selection of nature’s best natural oils, butters and waxes, including mango and cocoa butter, and avocado, sweet almond, rosehip and coconut oil. The wax they use for the balms is candelilla, which our vegan friends will be very happy about – no beeswax in sight!

Okko Skincare Frankincense & Bergamot Body Balm


I chose this fragrance because it combines citrus-y bergamot with spicy frankincense, two of my favourite scents when on their own or blended! The product is presented in a big chubby stick and is easy to apply, it just glides on. The formula is such that the balm almost instantly absorbs into the skin, you just need to give it a light pat or massage and you’re good to go. There’s no greasiness and the fragrance is just right – not too overpowering.

Okko Skincare Chamomile & Neroli Face Balm


Neroli is definitely up there with bergamot and frankincense in my favourite sniffs ever! I liked the idea of chamomile in a face balm as it made me think of this product as a nighttime skin treat! So that was how I mostly utilised this product, as an overnight treatment for my skin. I also created a mini facial routine with the stick to stimulate blood flow and ensure even application of the product (without dragging or giving gravity a helping hand!) to the parts of the face and neck where product is needed the most.

The face balms are suited to most skin types, and don’t contain any comedogenic ingredients to clog pores.

Okko Skincare Peppermint & Rosemary Foot Balm


Love this peppermint & rosemary foot balm from Okko Skincare! It’s great for post-bath application, as well as applying to any stubborn dry patches that are taking time to shift! The stimulating essential oils of peppermint and rosemary are effective, and again the fragrance is not too strong but very well rounded.

I’ve taken all these balms away on holiday with me a couple of times now and they are perfect for use after a long day in the sunshine for those balmy nights! (Pun intended!)