I can only apologise to Emma and the team at The Natural Beauty Box for not writing about their April beauty box sooner than (ahem) August! The box was actually “put away” (I think by Mr BB) in my blog store and was only rediscovered when it came to moving house!


Back at the forefront of my stash, I looked into The Natural Beauty Box some more. The box launched in January 2017 and costs £24.95 per month, which is comparable to the Vertue Box reviewed earlier this year. For every box sold, 50p is donated to charity, so far Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary and The Marine Conservation Society have been the beneficiaries.


Unlike Vertue Box, The Natural Beauty Box is monthly, with subscribers receiving 4-6 natural, organic and cruelty free beauty products. The mix is travel and full size. I received 5 products: two full size, one travel size, a lip balm and a bath bomb, with a value of £56.50, which really represents value for beauty box shoppers- a saving of over £30! The Natural Beauty Box work with both more established brands and smaller artisan specialists. Their aim is to support indie UK businesses, and I can see from the selection in my box that they are succeeding in this mission!


Here are the contents of my box sent from The Natural Beauty Box:


Isla Apothecary Lemongrass & Rosemary Renew Foot Scrub (200g retails for £21, this is 120g so value equates to £12.60)


I was so glad to receive a product from Isla Apothecary, for it has been on my radar for a while now but I never picked anything up. This foot scrub is fabulous, I love the bright lemongrass blended with a more grounding rosemary, and the exfoliating parts, ground pumice and Epsom salts no less, are really effective at getting rid of any unsightly bits you may have accumulated on your feet (let’s face it, summer’s been a bit shit so with less wearing of sandals often comes less pedicured feet!) There are also some lovely oils to help nourish as you scrub: sweet almond and baobab, and also pure vitamin E. I would definitely buy again!


Myroo Skincare Superfood Balm 40g £25


I followed up my foot exfoliation with this balm and slipped on my socks for an overnight treatment. It’s quite slow to sink in so best to keep for overnight use, or for times when you aren’t in a hurry to get out the door. I also used as an overnight treatment on my hands, as a nail conditioner, and for a bit of self-massage one evening (the advantages of being a slow to sink in product 🙂 ) Myroo say that you can also use for dry and chapped patches, fly away hair ends and eyebrows.


The texture is really buttery, and there are so many skin-loving ingredients inside: the usual suspects such as sunflower seed oil, mango seed butter, papaya seed oil, avocado butter, red raspberry seed oil, olive oil and vitamin E, but then some more unusual ingredients such as broccoli seed oil and cucumber seed oil and coriander seed oil. The balm is very cucumber-y in fragrance, which I like, it’s different to the norm.


Fitzjohn Skincare Golden Body Oil 50ml £15


I opened the cap to this bottle and suddenly felt very happy. I wasn’t convinced by the packaging (I think if you are going to sell a luxury product, you must package it to talk the talk and walk the walk) but when I read the contents and smelt the frangipani absolute I was happy. The blend contains moringa, apricot kernel, macadamia nut and passion flower oils, coconut butter, vitamin E, sea buckthorn extract and the aforementioned fragrance of frangipani absolute (pure exotic bliss!)


The oil has a gorgeous orange hue, thanks to the sea buckthorn, is ever so quick to absorb, and leaves the gorgeous scent on your skin. Best applied to slightly damp skin post showering or bathing, however I’ve also added a few drops to my bath water in order to indulge myself with a most fragrant bathing experience. LOVE!!


Aromatherapy Ylang Ylang Bath Bomb £1.80 per bath bomb


This is the only product I am yet to try, I think it’s bath night tonight, so I will be sure to update! I located this product on Etsy previously but it has vanished in less than a week!


Fruu Mango Lip Balm £2.99


It’s funny. I always seem to end up with loads of lip balms, but I don’t really use them! I suppose because they are a relatively low value item they are the thing of beauty boxes, goodie bags and brand gifts. My all-time favourites still have to be Dizao Organics colour lip balms, mostly because their colours are amazing and the product is easy to apply, just like a lip balm!


Anyway, I digress… Fruu Mango Lip Balm is a fruity experience, mango fans will not be disappointed. The balm goes on silky-smooth and melts into the lips.

What are your favourite beauty boxes? I think in terms of both value and quality The Natural Beauty Box is up there for me!