As you may have seen, our PR agency recently ran a campaign with Formula Botanica, the online organic cosmetic science school.

It was a great project to work on, very different from pitching the usual product-led stories, or coming up with stories around products. For Formula Botanica, we were able to pitch ideas and stories around one of our favourite topics: natural and organic beauty!

During the campaign, Formula Botanica reached 2000 students, a real accolade and something the FB team are very proud of; quite rightly so in our opinion!

Having worked in natural and organic beauty for over eight years, there are some things that you take as given because they are just so widely publicised across the internet (and often people who you learn from have told you these mis-facts!). I am always learning, and like to see the evidence and science behind things. But there were a few nuggets of information that I stand corrected on by Formula Botanica, which I wanted to share with you today:

  1.  Formula Botanica Lesson #1: Jojoba Oil, you know the one that penetrates the hair shaft….. WRONG!

    Jojoba Oil does not penetrate the hair shaft at all. If you’re looking for an oil that can penetrate the hair shaft, helping strengthen, nourish and repair hair, the best oils to go for are Coconut Oil and/or Olive Oil or a combination of the two. Lesson learned, and to be honest I usually used Coconut Oil in my hair care blends that included Jojoba!


  2. Formula Botanica Lesson #2: 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream…….. I SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS ONE COMING! 

    So, as I was saying before, I like to see evidence and scientific proof before I agree with any kind of statement. But this statement is so prevalent out there. However, if you just stop and think for a millisecond you will realise that this is a grand swooping statement. Think about molecule size, small molecules will be absorbed at a greater percentage than large molecules, whether a molecule is fat or water soluble will play a part, even your skin’s own genetic makeup and strength will have some bearing on this statistic.  I even had to educate one of my large clients about the inaccuracy of this statement only this week.


  3. Formula Botanica Lesson #3 It’s not that difficult to make your own natural products, but to perfect them is the art and there has never been a better time to start your own organic beauty business……… IS THIS MY FUTURE?!

    I’ve enjoyed taking some time to create my own natural beauty products, a hobby that I have practised on and off for a good few years. I’ve made cleansers, moisturisers and balms (lip, body and lip tinted) as gifts for people, and friends have always been impressed when I mentioned I made them. I’ve also made my own candles at home. I find these kinds of projects very relaxing and rewarding, I guess it’s the creative in me. The global natural and organic beauty industry is set to grow to $24 billion by 2024, so surely there’s a piece of the pie for everyone? All I’m going to say is I have some ideas and some skills so watch this space!