This post has been SUCH a long time coming. It was absolutely ages ago that I put the products on trial, however, it was one that slipped through the cracks so apologies to Trevarno Skincare for the long delay in writing this up. It is not, by any means, a reflection on my opinion of the products!

It must have been sometime in 2013 that the team at Trevarno sent me the Facial Starter Kit for normal skin. Trevarno is an organic brand which was established in 1998 on the Cornish Trevarno country estate, however, in 2012 the estate was sold so Trevarno Skincare re-located to another part of the original estate, Trevarno Farm. Products are made by hand in small batches.

About Trevarno Skincare

Trevarno is the first beauty company to be certified organic by The Organic Farmers & Growers strict standards, and hats off to them! They are proud of the purity and naturalness of their products and work hard towards sourcing high quality, ethical and ecologically responsible ingredients from trusted suppliers for their skincare range.

All of Trevarno Skincare contains a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, and all ingredients are traceable. The range is vegetarian-friendly and also cruelty-free. On top of this, what really impressed me on first impressions was their beautiful glass packaging (a bit like Spiezia!) but when it came to using the products just how long these small sizes lasted!

Hopefully, that’s given you a bit of a background into the products, and now onto my product reviews!

First up, Trevarno Rose & Jojoba Cleanser.

This is a fairly light cleansing lotion with very few ingredients in – rosewater, jojoba oil, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E and vanilla-infused jojoba.

When I first started using this cleanser, I was surprised at just how light this cleanser was – it felt almost like there was nothing on my skin once I’d applied it, but after removing with warm water my skin felt clean and refreshed. You can also use cotton wool pads to remove, however I almost always prefer to use water! Overall, a nice cleanser, not too fussy and I would imagine a dream for skin that has a tendency towards clogged pores!


Next up, the Trevarno Rosewater & Chamomile Skin Toner. This contains rosewater, grapefruit seed extract, lavender and chamomile essential oils. I’m a huge fan of rosewater for toner, either on its own or as a base, and this toner did not disappoint. Refreshing, hydrating and a lovely floral scent of rose, lavender and chamomile. The handy size also meant it was perfect for stowing away in my handbag for hot summer days a tube travel!


Trevarno Day Cream used lavender flower water instead of rosewater, along with St John’s wort, jojoba oil, sesame oil infused with carrot, beeswax, cocoa butter, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E and essential oils of lavender, geranium and palmarosa. This was a beautifully scented cream, what a gorgeous floral combo! The efficacy was impressive also, I only needed a small amount to cover my face and neck, which meant the pot last ages.


The same can be said for the Trevarno Overnight Replenishing Cream, just a smidgen needed for one application. As you would expect, this cream is slightly heavier but contains similar ingredients to the Trevarno Day Cream. The base is lavender flower water, sesame oil infused with carrot, jojoba oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E along with wheat germ oil and frankincense essential for a more intensive treatment, and essential oils of rosewood and cedarwood.

Have you tried any products from Trevarno Organic Skincare? We’d love to know your favourites!