I will confess, this sample of natural shampoo sat amongst my collection for yonks. I think if I had a conditioner it would have been trialled more quickly (call me anal, but I do like to do tried and tested with the corresponding shampoos and conditioners!) however it just sat there for a long time. So much so that it was almost past its best before date when I gave it a go!

The natural shampoo itself is effective at cleaning hair, however, it doesn’t smell all that lemony, in fact, it doesn’t smell that much at all, which is great if you tend to find hair care products overpowering. I know that personally, I am not just about the end results of a product, but also the experience of using it! Also, the product seems to lather even less than many organic and natural shampoos, and every time I have used it I used it twice just to satisfy my mind that yes, my hair is clean. That said, the shampoo does leave a light lemony scent on the hair post-washing and, more importantly, it leaves hair feeling and looking clean.

Lemon Oil and Natural Shampoo

Lemon oil, as you may know, has clarifying properties so is great for those who tend to suffer from an oily scalp. I’ve been through a transition of late with my hair care, having been someone who shampooed and conditioned every other day almost religiously, in recent times I’ve been cutting back to conditioning once or twice a week, shampooing every 3 or 4 days, and applying my Green Energy Organics phyto hair oil and mask once a week.

If like me, you got caught up in the “I must wash my hair every other day” or maybe even everyday motion, you will be delighted to discover that actually the less you wash it, the less it needs washing! I say this even though I have been doing a lot of hot yoga. Yes, I’m getting sweaty, but no, I am not washing my hair after every single session. Were I to do so, I might end up washing 4-5 times a week! I have been using Tabitha James Kraan’s Dry Shampoo on occasions when I wake up the next morning and my hair looks greasy – such a great product!