I’m not going to try and deny it, I STILL have loads of sample sachets and trial sizes to get through and review. But, I am slowly working my way through them. One way or another I will get to the bottom of the lot! In flying to Paris with no bag in the hold, I made sure I took plenty of sachets for me to utilise during my stay of a few days. Here’s my reviews in the Try Me Beautiful Paris Special!

First up my fragrance of choice for the few days I was in Paris – Jasmine Aqua Floralis by Florascent. I LOVE jasmine, and this fragrance was no exception. At first I thought this was a single note fragrance. Upon opening, however, I realised it was a much more complex affair. With top notes of citrus – green tangerine and citron, with a floral heart of Italian jasmine, and base notes of benzoin and tuberose. Beautiful, and there is something oh-so French-chic about this fragrance. I’ve currently got several perfumes on the go, but I am adding this one to my list once I’ve reduced my collection a little.

2016-biteable-beauty-try-me-beautiful-paris-special-5 Next up, Soley Graedir Organic Healing Cream with Wild Icelandic Herbs. Soley and her team kindly gifted me several of these mini pots, and they were extremely useful for the winter months. I utilised them as lip balms, on the spot cream for dry skin on hands and face, cuticle treatment and more. 2016-biteable-beauty-try-me-beautiful-paris-special-4
This next lot was to be my skincare for my time in Paris. Just as when you’re living in London, trips to Paris pose the same skin matters; pollution on the streets, public transport, air conditioning/heating of public spaces and so on. I was really pleased with all of my sachet choices here, read on to find out more! 2016-biteable-beauty-try-me-beautiful-paris-special-3

Miessence Balancing Certified Organic Cleanser was a lovely surprise. Featuring a gorgeous combo of orange peel oil, calendula and marshmallow. As I was at a beauty show, I was wearing more makeup than usual, and this cleanser helped remove it all away, as well as the dirt and grime from walking the streets of Paris. This feels like a gel cleanser but doesn’t foam. I applied to wet skin after applying a hot face cloth over the surface of my face. To remove, I did exactly the same thing and gently wiped away all trace.

Madara Multi Action Micellar Water – this is one of those products I’d read SO many good things about that I was most excited to try this multi-tasking product. IT’s an all-in-one no-rinse cleanser, which means you can both cleanse and tone in one step. It also contains hyaluronic acid, a fabulous hydrating ingredient so this really is a great all-rounder.

Neal’s Yard Frankincense Intense Cream – I am a huge fan of the frankincense line from Neal’s Yard Remedies, and the Frankincense Intense Cream is a fabulously performing cream. For winter months, I can use this in the daytime, but when I went to Paris I was using this as a rejuvenating night cream. I love it!

A’kin Purely Revitalising Lifting Eye Creme – this was the first A’kin product I have ever tried, and I rather liked it. Rich in vitamin C, and containing botanicals of camu camu and echium, and hyaluronic acid.

Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Oil – this is actually a body oil, but I was utilising a drop or two on my face morning and night! With some of my favourite skin ingredients, including grapeseed oil, calendula oil, coconut oil, sandalwood and neroli.

Cime Under My Skin – this cream was lovely and rich, but easily absorbed. With sea buckthorn oil and wild rose oil, and a beautiful floral scent.

One night I even indulged myself in a face mask! Earth Kiss Clean Up Mud Exfoliate Mud Mask. I am working my way through these masks that I picked up at last year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe and I am loving these 100% natural alternatives to my teenage skincare go-to Mount Jeunesse masks. This one is full on finely ground lava pumice, which hazel, and mineral-rich Shilajit. Shilajit contains 85 plant micronutrients including fulvic acid, hippuric acid and salicylic acid to help rebalance the skin. I applied this mask, laid back in the bath and then to remove I wet my face and made gentle circular motions to exfoliate the skin. After use my skin was, expectedly, pink and the next morning I looked as fresh as a daisy!


Last but by no means least, my body care! I’ve used the Giovanni 2Chic Hair Care before, but this was my first trial of the body care. I’d packed the Giovanni 2Chic Brazilian Phytokeratin and Argan Oil Ultra-Sleek Body Wash and Body Lotion.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that much from these products – I thought they were add-ons for the excellent haircare range, but these products really hold their own. The body wash contains jojoba beads, and exfoliating walnut shell powder, and has the same amazing fragrance as the hair care products. The lotion is non-greasy, easily absorbed and again has that scent I love so much!

Last but by no means least, Jane Scrivner’s Balance Harmonising Body Oil. I used this in the bath, and it was a lovely way to unwind at the end of the day. I love the scents that Jane utilises in her oils, in fact, when I went to visit Jane Scrivner’s sanctuary it was a very tough decision as to which bottle to purchase. Thankfully, I got a sample of each to try too!