2016-biteable-beauty-6-best-vitamin-d-supplements-healthAfter the recent paper published by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN), “Vitamin D & Health”[1], I felt it timely to share with you some of the best vitamin D supplements I have come across! The SACN recommends the reference nutritional intake for vitamin D be 10 µg/d (400 IU/d), throughout the year, for everyone in the general UK population aged over four; including those pregnant and lactating, and especially those at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency; the housebound, elderly, infirm. For infants under the age of four, research is limited but a safe intake has been set at 340-400 IU/day children aged under one, and 400 IU/d for those aged 1-4.

Here are 6 of the Best Vitamin D Supplements that I have come across:

Terranova Vitamin D3 2,000iu Complex

Terranova uses Vitashine D3, which is, to the best of Terranova’s knowledge, the only independently verified vegan cholecalciferol – Vegan Society approved. Vitashine D3 is extracted from lichen and independently validated by Britain’s most esteemed analytical laboratory for nutritional compounds. This extract has now been put into a dry form to be used in Terranova’s vegetable capsules and enhanced with an intensely synergistic Magnifood Complex rich in vitamin k, magnesium and calcium-containing foods including stabilised rice bran, coriander leaf, pumpkin seed, shiitake mushroom and spirulina. One capsule provides 2,000iu.

Available from bodykind.com £11.50 50 capsules Terranova Vitamin D3 2,000iu Complex

Minvita Mushroom Superfood Powder

Minvita Mushroom Superfood Powder is made from certified-organic Agaricus bisporus mushrooms, a white button mushroom widely known and eaten in meals. Minvita’s Mushroom Superfood Powder provides superior levels of Vitamin D2, as it is carefully grown under UV light to produce healthy mushrooms packed with Vitamin D.

According to recent studies, Vitamin D2 has been shown to be as effective as Vitamin D3 in maintaining circulating concentrations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Further research has shown that natural forms of Vitamin D may be more effective than chemical extracts. Not only is Minvita Mushroom Powder high in Vitamin D2, but it also provides a host of antioxidants along with riboflavin, niacin, and copper – all in a totally vegan-friendly, natural and organic product.

Just 2g /day (that’s one teaspoon!) of Minvita Superfood Mushroom Powder will provide the recommended allowance of Vitamin D. Its versatility means it can be mixed into smoothies or used as a cooking ingredient. A good option for those who don’t like to swallow capsules.

Available from minvita.co.uk £29.99 40 servings Minvita Mushroom Superfood Powder

BetterYou DLux 3000iu Daily Vitamin D Oral Spray

DLux3000 has been specially formulated to deliver vitamin D3 directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. The tiny droplets absorb quickly in the mouth. The spray is sweetened with xylitol and also contains peppermint oil, which means that with every spritz you get a sweet peppermint cream taste.

Available from bodykind.com £7.95 15ml (100 servings) BetterYou DLux 3000iu Daily Vitamin D Oral Spray

Nature’s Answer Vitamin D3 Drops 4000iu

Nature’s Answer Vitamin D3 Drops provides the preferred form of vitamin D (D3, or cholecalciferol) in a base of pure extra virgin olive oil. It supplies 4000 IU in 2 drops but can be taken in doses of one drop to provide 2000 IU per dose. There are 300 servings per container. It is delivered in a highly absorbent liquid form, with none of the fillers, binding agents, or other additives you will find in other products. Being in liquid form, it’s good for those who find it difficult to swallow capsules. 

Available from bodykind.com £15.99 15ml (300 servings) Nature’s Answer Vitamin D3 Drops 4000iu

For Children, there’s Terranova Green Child Vitamin D3 400iu Complex

Again made with the vegan Vitashine D3, this product delivers 400iu, the recommended amount by the SACN for children under 4. If your child doesn’t swallow tablets or capsules very well, these vitamin D capsules can be opened up and added to smoothies or yoghurt. Just like the main Terranova range, Green Child is made with fillers, binders or other excipients, and is free from wheat, corn, gluten, soy and additives.

Available from bodykind.com £7.50 50 capsules Terranova Green Child Vitamin D3 400iu Complex

Poppy Austin Vitamin D3 with Argan Oil

This is a max strength vitamin D3 at 10,000iu, and in one container there’s a year’s supply! The price is really competitive for the quality, as the product is suspended in sunflower oil but also contains 50mg of organic culinary grade argan oil per serving. Poppy Austin products are free from artificial ingredients including gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, sweeteners and sodium. These are made in England, to strict GMP standards, and one capsule equals your daily serving. These utilise bovine gelatine to case them, so these are not suitable for our veggie and vegan friends!

Available from poppyaustin.com Poppy Austin Vitamin D3 with Argan Oil

Hopefully, from these best vitamin D supplements, you will find the one for you! Find out 15 Reasons to Supplement with Vitamin D Over on my Medium post here!


[1] https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/537616/SACN_Vitamin_D_and_Health_report.pdf

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