2015-biteable-beauty-sliming-control-products-ambronite‘Tis the season to be jolly, and eat and drink loads, and let our hair down a little, some of us a lot! I naturally eat more in the winter, and when Christmas comes it can be tempting to really pig out. I tend to follow the 80/20 rule, and I keep active with Fierce Grace yoga and walking the dog but even so I still tend to put a pound or two on! This festive season, and in the runup to it, I will be and have been putting some products to the test to help keep weight gain down, stay slim and not eat too much!

Ambronite Whole Food Supermeal Product Review

First up was Ambronite. This is a real food whole food supermeal, drinkable and designed in Finland. It’s targeted at health-conscious professionals who want to eat well but often don’t have time to prepare real food. Thankfully, Mr BB is very good at preparing enough food for lunch the next day, which means I get a real meal pretty much every day.

Ambronite contains 18 organic whole food ingredients including almonds, oats, coconut, lucuma,  cocoa, chlorella, wild bilberry, sea buckthorn, brown rice, quinoa, stinging nettle, rice bran, yeast, spirulina, flaxseed, apple, salt, brazil nut and blackcurrant. Full of goodness and 500 calories per bag – a full meal in terms of calories.

I thought the lack of animal-source protein might be an issue for me. That the claim I would get over hunger for 4-5 hours would only be a couple of hours. I was wrong! Ambronite saw me through from lunch to dinner with no rumblings from my tummy or grumblings from me. I used for ten days in a row, and once I got into the habit I realised that I didn’t need to eat a real meal – the Ambronite drinkable supermeal was a viable option.

It’s great for those on the go, busy types who might not always have time to have a proper lunch break but need to stay switched on! I see this also as a great meal replacement for folks to use through the Christmas season – calorie controlling (of sorts) but also ensuring you get some nutrients in your body!


The one thing that might put some off is the price – a monthly subscription of 10 sachets per month is 75.65 Euro, which works out at around £5.50 per sachet. Whilst it is a meal of convenience, for around this price point I know I can buy a meal in Planet Organic or Whole Foods. That’s not to say I won’t be buying these ever, but I would need to have a bit more disposable income before I would consider this as an option!

The other two products I have to put to the test are: Proto-col Slim-fizz which acts as a gastric band, and Thin Tea, the all natural detox and fat burn teas – you simply enjoy a cup of tea in the morning 30 minutes before you eat, and one just before you eat dinner. I’m going to be putting Proto-col to the test first – let’s see how I do! I don’t eat anywhere near as much food as I used to, so it will be an interesting experiment! I’ll be keeping you updated on social media – watch this space!

Do you have any natural and organic healthy ways to keep your eating in check or promote slimming? I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below!