I recently attended an event by the renowned Aromatherapy Associates introducing their collaboration with an acclaimed panel of wellbeing experts.  A pioneer brand focusing on mindful beauty, Aromatherapy Associates believes in the power of aromatherapy to nurture the mind and body and find balance in your life.

CEO, Tracey Woodward began by addressing the audience with some rather surprising statistics about current stress levels and loneliness, relating it to the imminent importance of developing inner peace.

Stress is said to be the disease of the 21st century and isolation and loneliness are at an all-time high now – a shocking 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem! As our lives become busier and more fast-paced, Aromatherapy Associates strives to help people find clarity, purpose and work-life balance with the help of their wellbeing experts in conjunction with their potent essential oils.

Each of the six experts hail from different areas of wellbeing and represent a collection of Aromatherapy Associates products.

Nicola Addison, fitness and health expert started the session with three basic rules for being fit-

1) A minimum of 30 minutes walk everyday

2) The 80-20 rule. 80% of the time one should make mindful decisions about nutrition and exercise and 20% of the time one can indulge

3) Make sure that there is protein present in every meal you eat.

Nicola represents the De-Stress Collection.

Janet Taras, award-winning speaker and communications strategist stressed on the importance of speaking up especially at times when it’s difficult to do so. She encourages effective communication and how speaking can enhance confidence.

Janet represents the Support Collection that helps to refocus and clear our mind during challenging times.

Karuna, human potential specialist spoke about the 5 elements of Ayurveda – Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space and how they determine one’s personality as one element may be active in one but dormant in another. She guides the realisation of one’s true potential and to draw on one’s inner strength to create experiences.

Karuna represents the Inner Strength Collection.

Jonathan Ward, a somatic coach, guides his students into learning to lead with their hearts to make more fulfilling life choices. He believes that when we focus our attention on our heart rather that our head, we can learn to move through limitations that get in the way of fulfilling our true potential.

Along with Karuna, Jonathan represents the Inner Strength Collection.

Yvonne Wake, a health nutritionist and wellbeing expert, teaches people to take better care of themselves and be physically uplifted from the inside out.

Yvonne is the spokesperson for the Revive Collection, which helps to awaken and support for an instant energy boost.

Julie Whitehead, laughter yoga practitioner, is passionate about making people realise the health benefits of laughter and yoga. Laughter is known to boost the immune system and relax the whole body.

Being a laughter yogi herself, she said she’s only been sick twice in her life and the body cannot differentiate between genuine laughter and artificial laughter – they both have the same effect on the immune system.

Julie represents the Relax Collection.

It was an uplifting and positively charged morning listening to all these lovely wellbeing experts speak on how one can change their life and achieve inner strength and peace. We really appreciate this campaign by Aromatherapy Associates and support them on their journey as they strive to improve the wellness of people.

    Vandana x