Well, here it is! Our natural and organic Christmas gift guide for 2017. There seems to be so much choice this year when it comes to natural and organic, more so than ever! We’ve rounded up the best in skincare and body care, aromatherapy, perfume and stocking fillers so whoever you’re shopping for, we’ve got something for them! You can see our skin & body care gift choices here and our ideas for natural, organic and vegan fragrance gifting here.

Do you remember the days when we used to call the gift sets that contained soaps and the like “smellies”! Does anyone still use this term? I’ve not heard it in years! Well this is certainly my smellies round up, although these days we definitely call it aromatherapy, darling!


Aromatherapy Associates Joyful Aromatherapy Candles £50 I do love a bit of Aromatherapy Associates, and Vandana and I were lucky enough to go to their recent event introducing their new wellness experts – write up coming soon! This candle set contains three candles; Revive, Indulgence and Relax. I lit the Relax for my bath and drifted away as notes of West Indian bay and myrrh filled the air. Yes, it does smell a little Christmassy thanks to the myrrh!


Pacifica Reed Diffusers and Pacifica Candles £15 each

These are lovely little presents that everyone will love. Pacifica candles and diffusers are both packaged beautifully, the outside box is patterned and there is even a pattern printed on the glass vessel for display. There’s a fragrance for everyone. I love the Indian Coconut Nectar, Island Vanilla Tahitian Gardenia and Mediterranean Fig when it comes to home fragrance.


Yellow Frankincense – Citrus Hojari from The Frankincense Store London from £4.20 It wouldn’t be Christmas for me without a trip to my friend Shabaz down in Camden market (or for Mr BB without a stocking full of Frankincense!) We’ve tried pretty much every type now and I think we’ve settled on our favourite being the citrus hojari, but don’t hold us to that. They are all beautiful scents in their own way, and for me home doesn’t smell like home unless there’s some frankincense notes in the air.


Made for Life by Spiezia Organics Mindful Moments £25 This set is so cute, and it’s a great gift for those who love aromatherapy. You can use these oils in a variety of ways: apply to pulse points; rub between hands, cup hands over nose and breathe deeply; Spiezia have even published some recipes (one for greens and one for macaroons that I’ve seen!) that you can create including these oils. The set contains three oils; Connect and Nurture, Focus and Clarity, and Uplift and Energise.


Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Body Oils Set £39 This set contains 10 oils which you can use in a variety of ways: add to your bath to fill the bathroom (nay, the whole flat!) with beautiful scents, massage into skin before getting in the shower to i) condition skin and then ii) fill the bathroom/flat with gorgeous fragrance, or use post shower to nourish and fragrance skin. This is a great introduction to Aromatherapy Associates as it contains 10 minis – you can work out which blends are the ones for you!


Scentered Ultimate Survival Kit £50 I’m not even exaggerating when I tell you I’ve gotten through four tubes of Scentered Stress Less Therapy Balm since I was first introduced to the brand at Natural Products 2015! That’s a lot less stress! This set contains one Stress Less Therapy Balm, plus on of each of the other products in the range: Focus, Love, Escape and Sleep Well and represents a saving of £22.50 when compared to buying all the balms individually. I love everything about this brand; the aromatherapy blends are exquisite, the packaging useful and the colours well selected and pretty! Anyone who indulges in aromatherapy will be made up to receive this gift this Christmas.