You know how sometimes opportunities arise just at the right moment? Well, my invitation to experience the new Sole of London treatment with Dina Gohil, otherwise known as DG Podiatrist, popped up in my inbox at the perfect time! It was just two weeks before I was jetting off to St Lucia, and the treatment itself sounded right up my street; an ayurvedic medical treatment that brings together east and west therapy. I booked in to begin my holiday in style and drove straight from work to the clinic for my Sole of London treatment.

When I started practising yoga, I realised just how weak my ankles and feet were through years of mistreatment, namely wearing lots of high heels and tramping around London in them. Through my yoga practice I have strengthened my feet, and I am wearing more sensible shoes, most of the time! Dina advises though it’s not just heels that can cause poor foot health, flat unstructured shoes can also do the same. I’ve arrived wearing Ugg Boots, which I only this winter discovered the warmth and comfort of. The unstructured variety… Dina advises that Ugg also offer shoes with support and that I should check their website out!

On first observation, Dina says my feet are looking OK, I mention the corn on one of my toes (this comes from wearing certain shoes that rub it), and she says I need to look for shoes with a wide fit and a roomy toe box. Dina also says that I have an angle on my inner foot, that is commonly known as bunions, but that doesn’t mean I am going to get fully fledged bunions that we think of.  I also have bunionettes, or tailor’s bunions, which are on the outside of the foot. Bunions are highly hereditary, but they can also be exacerbated by wearing of narrow shoes, pointed shoes or just ill-fitting shoes.

The Sole of London Treatment with DG Podiatrist

Whereas with a manicure I tend to DIY, there is something rather special about going for a pedicure. Your feet deserve a treat, they carry you everywhere and get shoved into various awkward shoes a lot of the time (let’s be honest ladies! I know I spent a lot of my teens and twenties abusing my plates of meat!) The Sole of London Treatment is the Dom Perignon of pedicures!

Dina begins my checking the pulses in my feet, before an overall examination of the foot (this is where we talk corns, bunions and tailor’s bunions). The condition of your overall feet, including toe movement and even the skin between your toes is looked at. Dina recommends a foot exercise to increase movement in your toes.  This involves trying to move each toe individually, it’s much more difficult than it sounds. She also advises that picking things up with your feet is a great way to increase manoeuvrability.

Next, the parmesan production begins, as Dina refers to it. The magic machine (an electrical file) works to remove all hard skin, including around the nails. The nails are also cut and filed. My corn was all but removed, delicately and with precision.  It’s safe to say that this really is a pedicure carried out with medical precision. Next comes the pampering part! Dina uses Tridosha Wellness products to provide six stages of nourishment for he feet; a cleanser, food scrub, support oil, compress and massage, followed by a foot wrap in the most fabulous heated booties which help the oils penetrate the skin and bring blood flow to the feet. To finish, an invigorating lotion is applied.

After my Sole of London treatment, Dina asked me to stand up. I did, somewhat reluctantly (I really didn’t want the treatment to finish!) and Dina asked me how I felt “lighter, fresh and revitalised” were the words that immediately sprung to mind. They really did feel like they had been treated to the pampering of their lifetime, and made almost brand new!

More About Dina Gohil (BSc Hons, MChS, HCPC reg)

Having a treatment with Dina was like catching up with an old friend. Our conversation flitted between work, business, London life, life life,  travelling and relationships. It was a good old gossip, we laughed a lot and I was almost sad to leave at the end of my treatment. If you’re nervous about showing someone your feet, then I may just have found the person to make you, and your feet, feel comfortable and at home.

Dina Gohil trained in podiatry at the University of Brighton. She has extensive work experience in Chicago, USA and has worked with the Annual London Marathon Aid. Dina is committed to helping you feel good about your feet by relieving pain and making your feet look and feel great. DG Podiatrist uses luxury products during treatments and maintains an excellent high-end service for all clients.

More About Podiatry

Podiatry has evolved other the years from what was previously known as Chiropody in the early 20th century. This branch of medicine is devoted to the conservation, study, diagnosis and surgical treatment of the foot and ankle. The Greek origins of the word are ‘podia’ meaning foot and ‘iatrist’ meaning physician, healing, treat. The term podiatry is now used widely across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, China, whilst in Europe, the terms podologist or podólogoare are used.

Podiatry is a specialized Bachelor of Science (honours) degree studied for three years at university, including human anatomy, physiology, sociology, psychological perspectives, pharmacology, surgery, biomechanics, diabetes, vascular, neurological, dermatological, paediatrics and primary care.

Dina practises on 58 South Molton Street and Sole of London treatment costs £205. For more information about DG Podiatrist visit www.dgpodiatrist.com
Huge thanks to Dina for having me along! My feet boarded the aeroplane feeling happy and ready for sand between their toes!